Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year That Was

How quickly time passed us by and it's 2013. Before you know it, your already grey and old...hehehe.

I have meant to blog the past few days but I've been so busy accompanying my sister and her fiance to some of the wedding suppliers we made an appointment with. So far, so good. I'll create a separate posts for those appointments but I think I need to start blogging on the food tastings that we had with some caterers.

So I guess I really need to catch up with my blogging for 2013. Just like the year before, I have tons of backlog and I don't know where to start! Blame it on my unreliable internet connection and my work load. But it's so hard to complain about work when I'm so blessed the past year. So let me share the highlights of 2012  in our lives:

* My youngest sister and brother finally graduated from grade school and high school. At present my sister is in Grade 7 while my brother is a Freshmen in one of the state universities in Manila taking up BS Information System.

* Our family is finally complete. The past 2 years, it's just me, hubby and our pet dog in our house but now my parents and siblings are here as well.

* My father was hospitalized due to mild stroke or was it mild cardiac arrest? I can't remember exactly the reason but bottom line it has something to do with his heart. His a chain smoker and was first hospitalized last 2004 or 2005. My mind was floating at work trying to figure out a way on how can we cut down the figure we have to pay for the hospital bill.

* I'm a regular employee now :) But I'm keeping my options open as I'm not growing old and I need to have a career growth not to mention that expenses here in our country keeps getting higher and higher so I need to catch up with that as well.

* Hubby got a job!This is the most memorable event for me for this year. We cried after learning that he got an offer. We are utmost thankful to Mama Mary for granting our prayer request. The power of praying the rosary never fails.

* My sister got engaged! After being together for 4 years, she and her bf decided to tie the knot next year :) To put an exclamation point to the engagement was the "pamamanhikan". It's a Filipino tradition wherein the groom's family will visit the bride's family to get to know each other and to discuss the details of the wedding.

* Since I'm helping my sister prepare her wedding, I've been chose as her representative for initial food tastings with 4 caterers she shortlisted. It was fun "activity" and I get to know more the sisters of the groom. Now that I mentioned it, I'm starting to miss those food tastings that we had.

* Had a vacation escape by visiting my sister in Kuala Lumpur! I so enjoyed this trip since I got to meet my two friends there (one is a full-time employee while the other is on vacation as well). Gosh! I have yet to post my experience in KL in this blog. Tsk! Bad blogger here.

* Husband and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! Isn't that a milestone? We had an overnight accommodation in Intercontinental Manila located in Makati to celebrate our 5 years of marriage. Both of us are looking forward for more years of togetherness and love!

* My Human Nature dealership is doing okay. I get to spread the good news to my co-workers on using an alternative method to skin care, that is minus the chemicals. Yey to that!

* I found new friends which is a good thing since I believe that in every crossroad or bumps in our life, true friends never fail to support you and care for you. You have an extended family in an instant.

I therefore conclude that 2012 is a more fruitful and good year for me, my husband and my family. Though there are struggles we have to face every once in awhile we managed to make it through the whole year.

2013, I'm ready! Bring it on!

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