Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sample Room Goes Live!

I've been waiting for December 3 to come since that's the day that Sample Room will open it's doors for giving out beauty samples! That's right, it's freebies galore for everyone. 

Though there are a lot of beauty boxes coming out of the market (inspired from US), Sample Room's motto is Try Before You Buy which is pretty logical. Why would you buy something that you're unsure of. More often than not, we've been in a situation where you bought something due to the advertisement and the celebrity endorsers of that product only to be disappointed that the product is not for you. It happens to me a lot of times that's why I'm ecstatic to bump into Sample Room (thanks to Nikki of Askmewhats for sharing it).

So yesterday, I was relived to see that Sample Room is up and running. But after registering, I'm surprised to see a message that my account has been suspended! Que Horror! 

I asked my sister to check the site for me and I gave her my login details. She told me that the site has a problem and true enough when I tried it for the second time, it gave me this screen:

It seems that a lot of females already discovered the site. After 3 tries, the site is up again but I decided not to get anything from the available samples they have which is a bad decision on my part since right now when I checked it, most of the items are left with the number zero. Bummer.

Sample Room Home Page
Notice that on the top portion of the home page, you will see the categories where the products are being classified to. Once you click on any of the drawings, it will redirect you to the page of the featured items. Say, you fancy a particular product that you want to try, it will give you this page:

Information about the sample product

I was eyeing to get the Kérastase Oleo-Relax Fluide for my hair. Now the opportunity is gone or should I wait and pray that they will restock this item??? 

Sample Products Up for Grabs
Oh, before I forget upon registering you automatically get 100 points.These points will be used to redeem the items that you want to sample. Each product corresponds to a certain number of points. You can earn points by creating a review on the product that you chose in Sample Room. Did I convince you enough to register?
The member/buyer will shoulder the shipping fee for the samples but that's a small amount to pay versus the actual cost of the samples.

Today  I'm going to check the site every once in a while hoping that new items will be available. To register, simply go to Sample Room.

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