Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Movie is Extended!

Anime fans will be delighted to know this information since after months of waiting for this movie to be shown here in the Philippines, SM Cinema exclusively brings us the talk about movie of Kenshin Himura also knows as Samurai X or Battousai.

A couple of months back, my husband and I are searching for any leads on when this movie will hit our cinemas/ theaters since the movie was shown last August in Japan. Turns out that film distributors are having apprehension if they will purchase the rights to brought this film here since they don't have any idea if they will gain profit. It is said that in order to have this movie release here in the Philippines, one must have to pay a hefty price.

SM Cinemas answered the online petitions and prayers of Samurai X fans since the film is on it's second week and the last day of showing will be on the Dec 16. Originally, SM Cinemas started this film's screening last December 5 and it should end on December 9. But not many knew that Kenshin can be seen in wide screen thus a lot of people beg SM to have the screening extended. Proof is the comment section in SM Cinema Facebook page.

Husband and I watched this film last Sunday, December 9 in SM Molino. Though we lived in Molino Bacoor Cavite for 2 years this is the first time that we actually watched a movie in this cinema and good thing we did! SM improved their cinema screens and the sound system. I can say that they can compete with Ayala Cinemas in bringing ultimate movie experience at a cheaper cost.
Showing in Cinema 1 at SM Molino
Reasons why you should watch it:
* The sword fights are simply awesome! This was the selling point for me. Honestly I wouldn't mind watching this film again up to the nth time.
* Less CGI effects were used in the film making it more realistic as much as possible. If you watched this movie, you can't help but compared it to the Marvel and DC Superheroes where CGI is very evident.
* According to my husband, the movie is so good as it is that he won't complain if there's no Part 2. Since his a Samurai X for how many years, the film represented the anime/manga original story well. Not the exactly story line but no that far away. To sum it up, the essence of the story about Kenshin Himura and his beginnings are being told in a good way that even those who are not familiar with Samurai X will have a complete comprehension about him.

So if you're having second thoughts on whether to watch this movie or The Hobbit, I suggest you watch this film first. After all the film won't be here for long whereas The Hobbit will be here until next week. It will be a good experience for you to watch a Japanese film inspired by a manga. It's better than the Dragonball Z movie adaptation. Swear!

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