Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coming soon....My First Infinity Dress

Oh my! I can't believe that it's already December. Sooner 2013 is just right behind you.

On December 15 we will be having our company's Christmas Party which will be held in Rockwell Tent. Initially I was having second thoughts coming to the party since it's a Saturday and I need to do an effort commuting from my place (which is in Cavite) going to Makati. But I so wanted to try my luck in the raffle. Last year I didn't won so I'm giving myself another shot to bring home some goodies (Oh please lady luck! Be kind to me this time).

I think I've already posted here in my blog the theme for the party. Turns out that the colors are not limited to red and white. They thrown in icy blue or blue into the color wagon for this year's theme.

Though I love the color blue, I decided to wear red on the event. It's classic just like black and white. And red compliments me though my friends are saying it makes you look darker but for me, it makes my face looks redder, like I'm always blushing...hehehe. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

My sister showed me this FB page Cheesecake which sells infinity gowns, dresses, tops and cardigans. The good thing about them is that they will ask for your measurement so rest assured that the outcome of the dress/gown will fit your body perfectly unlike the infinity dresses being sold in the shops/malls where they have sizes but doesn't seem a perfect fit for you.
Infinity Reversible Dress - comes in 2 colors!
I chose the Infinity Reversible Dress so I can enjoy 2 colors! This option is good for those who are undecided on what color to use for the dress.
My kind of red
This will be the shade of red that I will be wearing on our Christmas party. Isn't it gorgeous?
Grey/ Silver swatches
Since I needed another color for my red and to represent ice, I decided to chose crystal silver. Red and silver compliments each other and I can envision the outcome of my dress. However, Agatha (the name behind Cheesecake) told me that she will be using the color light grey instead (see photo below).
Light Grey
Now I'm nervous on what will be the outcome of my dress. I paid Php 1700 (shipping fee included) instead of Php 1560 because of the crystal silver cloth and now she will be using the light grey? Hmmm...I hope the color combination turns out well.

My order will be delivered to me on the 12th so I'll keep you posted once I have the dress.

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