Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Along Came Panda

Once upon a time there was a strayed kitten wandering around our block. He is colored black and white with an almost bulging eyes. Judging from his body you will instantly knew that he is starving and cold. A senior citizen decided to adopt the kitten since nobody wants to keep him. The man who adopted the kitten knew the story about the young fellow. Turns out, the black and white fur ball came from Manila and was brought by a family when they are moving in to their new house. Unfortunately, the grandchild of the original owner of the kitten doesn't like the thing at all. The child would say that she doesn't like cats or no cats in the house. The owner couldn't do anything but to remove the creature from their humble abode and left it astray.

Months passed and the thinned and sickly looking kitten is now an (almost) adult cat.

Meet Panda
Peeking inside the house
My father is the senior citizen in the story and he took the kitten and made it as his pet. The kitten grew to be a lovable pet in our house. Unlike other cats, Panda (my father gave this name because of the color of his fur) is not aggressive and well-behaved cat. Sometimes he has this habit of a dog like lying around on the floor watching people passed by without any apprehensions or raising his two front paws while sitting when you're giving him food. I'm not sure if he picked up a few pointers from my pet dog, Poochie.

"We get along just fine"
I've never been a fan of cats. I prefer dogs as pets rather than cats. Cats can hurt you if you play with them  whether intentionally or unintentionally. Cats litter around especially their poop. But that perception changed when Panda came into our family. He knows where to poop (that is outside our backyard though I'm not sure where it is exactly). He knows that he is not allowed to be in the dining table. He knows that if we played with him, he needs to be careful with his claws....ahhh, he is one tender loving cat.


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