Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year That Was

How quickly time passed us by and it's 2013. Before you know it, your already grey and old...hehehe.

I have meant to blog the past few days but I've been so busy accompanying my sister and her fiance to some of the wedding suppliers we made an appointment with. So far, so good. I'll create a separate posts for those appointments but I think I need to start blogging on the food tastings that we had with some caterers.

So I guess I really need to catch up with my blogging for 2013. Just like the year before, I have tons of backlog and I don't know where to start! Blame it on my unreliable internet connection and my work load. But it's so hard to complain about work when I'm so blessed the past year. So let me share the highlights of 2012  in our lives:

* My youngest sister and brother finally graduated from grade school and high school. At present my sister is in Grade 7 while my brother is a Freshmen in one of the state universities in Manila taking up BS Information System.

* Our family is finally complete. The past 2 years, it's just me, hubby and our pet dog in our house but now my parents and siblings are here as well.

* My father was hospitalized due to mild stroke or was it mild cardiac arrest? I can't remember exactly the reason but bottom line it has something to do with his heart. His a chain smoker and was first hospitalized last 2004 or 2005. My mind was floating at work trying to figure out a way on how can we cut down the figure we have to pay for the hospital bill.

* I'm a regular employee now :) But I'm keeping my options open as I'm not growing old and I need to have a career growth not to mention that expenses here in our country keeps getting higher and higher so I need to catch up with that as well.

* Hubby got a job!This is the most memorable event for me for this year. We cried after learning that he got an offer. We are utmost thankful to Mama Mary for granting our prayer request. The power of praying the rosary never fails.

* My sister got engaged! After being together for 4 years, she and her bf decided to tie the knot next year :) To put an exclamation point to the engagement was the "pamamanhikan". It's a Filipino tradition wherein the groom's family will visit the bride's family to get to know each other and to discuss the details of the wedding.

* Since I'm helping my sister prepare her wedding, I've been chose as her representative for initial food tastings with 4 caterers she shortlisted. It was fun "activity" and I get to know more the sisters of the groom. Now that I mentioned it, I'm starting to miss those food tastings that we had.

* Had a vacation escape by visiting my sister in Kuala Lumpur! I so enjoyed this trip since I got to meet my two friends there (one is a full-time employee while the other is on vacation as well). Gosh! I have yet to post my experience in KL in this blog. Tsk! Bad blogger here.

* Husband and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! Isn't that a milestone? We had an overnight accommodation in Intercontinental Manila located in Makati to celebrate our 5 years of marriage. Both of us are looking forward for more years of togetherness and love!

* My Human Nature dealership is doing okay. I get to spread the good news to my co-workers on using an alternative method to skin care, that is minus the chemicals. Yey to that!

* I found new friends which is a good thing since I believe that in every crossroad or bumps in our life, true friends never fail to support you and care for you. You have an extended family in an instant.

I therefore conclude that 2012 is a more fruitful and good year for me, my husband and my family. Though there are struggles we have to face every once in awhile we managed to make it through the whole year.

2013, I'm ready! Bring it on!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Along Came Panda

Once upon a time there was a strayed kitten wandering around our block. He is colored black and white with an almost bulging eyes. Judging from his body you will instantly knew that he is starving and cold. A senior citizen decided to adopt the kitten since nobody wants to keep him. The man who adopted the kitten knew the story about the young fellow. Turns out, the black and white fur ball came from Manila and was brought by a family when they are moving in to their new house. Unfortunately, the grandchild of the original owner of the kitten doesn't like the thing at all. The child would say that she doesn't like cats or no cats in the house. The owner couldn't do anything but to remove the creature from their humble abode and left it astray.

Months passed and the thinned and sickly looking kitten is now an (almost) adult cat.

Meet Panda
Peeking inside the house
My father is the senior citizen in the story and he took the kitten and made it as his pet. The kitten grew to be a lovable pet in our house. Unlike other cats, Panda (my father gave this name because of the color of his fur) is not aggressive and well-behaved cat. Sometimes he has this habit of a dog like lying around on the floor watching people passed by without any apprehensions or raising his two front paws while sitting when you're giving him food. I'm not sure if he picked up a few pointers from my pet dog, Poochie.

"We get along just fine"
I've never been a fan of cats. I prefer dogs as pets rather than cats. Cats can hurt you if you play with them  whether intentionally or unintentionally. Cats litter around especially their poop. But that perception changed when Panda came into our family. He knows where to poop (that is outside our backyard though I'm not sure where it is exactly). He knows that he is not allowed to be in the dining table. He knows that if we played with him, he needs to be careful with his claws....ahhh, he is one tender loving cat.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Movie is Extended!

Anime fans will be delighted to know this information since after months of waiting for this movie to be shown here in the Philippines, SM Cinema exclusively brings us the talk about movie of Kenshin Himura also knows as Samurai X or Battousai.

A couple of months back, my husband and I are searching for any leads on when this movie will hit our cinemas/ theaters since the movie was shown last August in Japan. Turns out that film distributors are having apprehension if they will purchase the rights to brought this film here since they don't have any idea if they will gain profit. It is said that in order to have this movie release here in the Philippines, one must have to pay a hefty price.

SM Cinemas answered the online petitions and prayers of Samurai X fans since the film is on it's second week and the last day of showing will be on the Dec 16. Originally, SM Cinemas started this film's screening last December 5 and it should end on December 9. But not many knew that Kenshin can be seen in wide screen thus a lot of people beg SM to have the screening extended. Proof is the comment section in SM Cinema Facebook page.

Husband and I watched this film last Sunday, December 9 in SM Molino. Though we lived in Molino Bacoor Cavite for 2 years this is the first time that we actually watched a movie in this cinema and good thing we did! SM improved their cinema screens and the sound system. I can say that they can compete with Ayala Cinemas in bringing ultimate movie experience at a cheaper cost.
Showing in Cinema 1 at SM Molino
Reasons why you should watch it:
* The sword fights are simply awesome! This was the selling point for me. Honestly I wouldn't mind watching this film again up to the nth time.
* Less CGI effects were used in the film making it more realistic as much as possible. If you watched this movie, you can't help but compared it to the Marvel and DC Superheroes where CGI is very evident.
* According to my husband, the movie is so good as it is that he won't complain if there's no Part 2. Since his a Samurai X for how many years, the film represented the anime/manga original story well. Not the exactly story line but no that far away. To sum it up, the essence of the story about Kenshin Himura and his beginnings are being told in a good way that even those who are not familiar with Samurai X will have a complete comprehension about him.

So if you're having second thoughts on whether to watch this movie or The Hobbit, I suggest you watch this film first. After all the film won't be here for long whereas The Hobbit will be here until next week. It will be a good experience for you to watch a Japanese film inspired by a manga. It's better than the Dragonball Z movie adaptation. Swear!

Friday, December 7, 2012

St. James The Great Parish in Alabang

This church is so popular for weddings and for the Christmas Bazaar they've organized every year. I've never seen the actual church but from the photos taken by Faith and Kaye (sisters of my sister's boyfriend/fiance),
It's evident why the church is so famous....
The church alone is photogenic
The Church's Aisle
This will be my sister's church for her wedding next year. When I found out how much they're charging for weddings for non-parishioners, my jaw dropped. It's quite pricey since flowers and musicians/singer/choir is not yet included on their rate. Back story, my sister and her fiance have a specific date in mind for their wedding, when I called the parish office that date is no longer available for 3pm wedding. In short, I have to asked them what Saturdays in Ber months for next year are open for 3pm weddings. They gave me 3 dates and I have to call each supplier that my sister booked for their availability on those dates and we zeroed the date to November 9, 2013. Whew!
Marriage Fees as of 2012
Good thing that the church is open for non-parishioners and for those who are not residing within the village. For the flowers, they have an in-house florists to help you. This will be a separate transaction as you need to talk to the Mother Butler.  As per my conversation with the staff in the Parish Office, the basic package for the flower starts at 15k and the max is 35k. My sister and her fiance will check out the church and the inclusion of the basic package for the flowers this month.
Court Yard
Spacious Parking Area
Multi-Purpose Hall
Just like other churches here in the Philippines, St. James The Great have a multipurpose hall situated underground for various events. It's a closed venue that can accommodate 150 persons but according to Faith and Kaye, the space may not be enough if you will put the 150 guests+the musician+the caterer+ tables and chairs.
Another Angle of the Hall
I think the space is enough for a baptism reception venue or private parties or a wedding reception venue that is for 100 guests or less.
Multipurpose Hall Rent is Php 10k-15k
Parish Office Hours

It's a good thing that their office is open for 7 days! Most of the time parish offices are closed on Sunday to observe Sabbath day.

St. James The Great Parish Church

Cuenca corner Ibaan Streets,
Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City
Telephone Numbers: (632) 807-1623, 807-2790
Telefax: (632) 8425140

Photo Credits: Faith Mangampat

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sample Room Goes Live!

I've been waiting for December 3 to come since that's the day that Sample Room will open it's doors for giving out beauty samples! That's right, it's freebies galore for everyone. 

Though there are a lot of beauty boxes coming out of the market (inspired from US), Sample Room's motto is Try Before You Buy which is pretty logical. Why would you buy something that you're unsure of. More often than not, we've been in a situation where you bought something due to the advertisement and the celebrity endorsers of that product only to be disappointed that the product is not for you. It happens to me a lot of times that's why I'm ecstatic to bump into Sample Room (thanks to Nikki of Askmewhats for sharing it).

So yesterday, I was relived to see that Sample Room is up and running. But after registering, I'm surprised to see a message that my account has been suspended! Que Horror! 

I asked my sister to check the site for me and I gave her my login details. She told me that the site has a problem and true enough when I tried it for the second time, it gave me this screen:

It seems that a lot of females already discovered the site. After 3 tries, the site is up again but I decided not to get anything from the available samples they have which is a bad decision on my part since right now when I checked it, most of the items are left with the number zero. Bummer.

Sample Room Home Page
Notice that on the top portion of the home page, you will see the categories where the products are being classified to. Once you click on any of the drawings, it will redirect you to the page of the featured items. Say, you fancy a particular product that you want to try, it will give you this page:

Information about the sample product

I was eyeing to get the K√©rastase Oleo-Relax Fluide for my hair. Now the opportunity is gone or should I wait and pray that they will restock this item??? 

Sample Products Up for Grabs
Oh, before I forget upon registering you automatically get 100 points.These points will be used to redeem the items that you want to sample. Each product corresponds to a certain number of points. You can earn points by creating a review on the product that you chose in Sample Room. Did I convince you enough to register?
The member/buyer will shoulder the shipping fee for the samples but that's a small amount to pay versus the actual cost of the samples.

Today  I'm going to check the site every once in a while hoping that new items will be available. To register, simply go to Sample Room.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coming soon....My First Infinity Dress

Oh my! I can't believe that it's already December. Sooner 2013 is just right behind you.

On December 15 we will be having our company's Christmas Party which will be held in Rockwell Tent. Initially I was having second thoughts coming to the party since it's a Saturday and I need to do an effort commuting from my place (which is in Cavite) going to Makati. But I so wanted to try my luck in the raffle. Last year I didn't won so I'm giving myself another shot to bring home some goodies (Oh please lady luck! Be kind to me this time).

I think I've already posted here in my blog the theme for the party. Turns out that the colors are not limited to red and white. They thrown in icy blue or blue into the color wagon for this year's theme.

Though I love the color blue, I decided to wear red on the event. It's classic just like black and white. And red compliments me though my friends are saying it makes you look darker but for me, it makes my face looks redder, like I'm always blushing...hehehe. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

My sister showed me this FB page Cheesecake which sells infinity gowns, dresses, tops and cardigans. The good thing about them is that they will ask for your measurement so rest assured that the outcome of the dress/gown will fit your body perfectly unlike the infinity dresses being sold in the shops/malls where they have sizes but doesn't seem a perfect fit for you.
Infinity Reversible Dress - comes in 2 colors!
I chose the Infinity Reversible Dress so I can enjoy 2 colors! This option is good for those who are undecided on what color to use for the dress.
My kind of red
This will be the shade of red that I will be wearing on our Christmas party. Isn't it gorgeous?
Grey/ Silver swatches
Since I needed another color for my red and to represent ice, I decided to chose crystal silver. Red and silver compliments each other and I can envision the outcome of my dress. However, Agatha (the name behind Cheesecake) told me that she will be using the color light grey instead (see photo below).
Light Grey
Now I'm nervous on what will be the outcome of my dress. I paid Php 1700 (shipping fee included) instead of Php 1560 because of the crystal silver cloth and now she will be using the light grey? Hmmm...I hope the color combination turns out well.

My order will be delivered to me on the 12th so I'll keep you posted once I have the dress.