Sunday, November 25, 2012

SM Free Movie Day

And I thought that only those people in the US can enjoy a Black Friday Sale (or Weekend Sale) but turns out that we, in Manila or should I say in the Philippines can have a good treat!

I was browsing through a Facebook group in which I'm a member when someone posted something about the SM Free Movie Day.

You need to register first on this link Since the interface is in Facebook, automatically your name (Facebook name) will appear on the screen below together with your email address and date of birth. You will need to put your contact number then click next.

Registration Interface
On the next screen it will ask you to select the SM Cinema branch where you want to watch the movie and the screening time. On my case I select SM Southmall and the 4pm slot. After selecting the options, the movies available for that time slot on that particular cinema will appear:

Some of the movies to choose from, we chose Stolen on our case
After selecting the movie, you will get a print out congratulating you for a free movie tickets for two:
Print out that you need to present together with a valid ID to redeem your free tickets
There's an option on the lower part of the screen where you can download the pdf file. You need to click this option in order for the file to be downloaded and also for the copy of the file to be sent on your email address. Once you have a printout of this file, present it to the e-Plus booth on your selected SM Cinema. In order to redeem the tickets, you will need to bring a valid ID. Yesterday I was able to redeem our tickets in SM Southmall even if hubby is not with me.

Our Free Movie Tickets for December 8!
You can claim your free tickets from November 23 to December 6. Free Movie Day is on December 8 which happens to be the Feast day of Immaculate Concepcion.

As of the moment, the SM Free Movie Day App in Facebook is under maintenance. Most likely a  lot of people are trying to get their hands on the free tickets. Good thing I was able to find out about this freebie yesterday :)

So for those who want to have their free tickets, be patient and wait for the app to be up and running. As of yesterday, there are still a lot of free seats available.

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