Thursday, November 22, 2012

National Sports Grill

The timing of this deal couldn't be more perfect for my planned weekend anniversary celebration getaway with the husband. I bought a deal in CashCashPinoy wherein I have to pay Php250 for Php 500 worth of food in National Sports Grill. It's a good steal! But of course prior to buying the voucher(s), I need to make a research first about NSG as I don't want to waste my money or should I say hubby's money =P

The reviews are mixed. Some dishes are so-so while other stands out. I decided to get it since it's a cheap deal and I always believed that you get your money's worth so I don't expect anything grand that is comparable to hotel food.

Located at Level 3 of Greenbelt 3 in Makati
First Philippine Team to Mt. Everest
True to it's name, once inside the place you will see a lot of sports memorabilia....posters of the athletes or teams, jerseys, photos of the athletes, etc.

pictures and jersey
more pictures and jerseys :)
loads of TV sets and a projector for sports viewing pleasure ;)
Can you name the 3 athletes in the picture?
Football Corner
Alright, after a glimpse of the place I will now present you the food that we ordered in this place. Let's start first with our dinner entrees:
Chicken Parmesan (Php 425.00)
This dish is good for 2 people but on our case, we end up ordering another dish since we're starving. We didn't take an afternoon snack thus the gluttony. What can I say about this dish? I like the chicken with lots of cheese on top of it. Chicken meat is soft but don't expect that the coating on the chicken is crunchy. I think it's cooked that way. Now on the pasta, if I will be the only one eating this I preferred white sauce over the red sauce since I find the sauce sour like a typical Italian pasta. I wonder what their white sauce tastes like...
Strike and Spare Minor League (Php 315.00)
Spare ribs in National Sports Grill Signature Sauce. You're probably wondering why there's a minor league, well it means to say that it's the junior or smaller serving of the dish. The spare ribs itself is good for 2 people but you have to order an extra rice for this dish. The extra garlic rice costs Php 35. As for the coleslaw, we split it in half. The dish is good as I didn't put too much sauce since based on my experience in eating spare ribs, the sauce makes the meat even sweeter and I don't like that. Good thing there's veggies to balance out the grilled taste of the spare ribs plus the sauce.
Fruit Shakes (Php 125.00)
My initial reaction when I saw the price of the shakes was "it's pricey!" I was baffled to see that there's a generous amount of fruit shakes in the glass. I was not able to finish all of it. Well, that's just me. Hubby was able to finish off his watermelon shake. I ordered mango shake. Both shakes need a little sugar. I'm just used to the taste of Fruitas shakes so that's my benchmark.

Our total bill amounted to Php 1,116.53. We have to pay for the service charge and the excess of the food we ordered since we only used 2 vouchers which is equivalent to Php1,000.

Now let me discussed the food that we ordered for our lunch the following day:

Big Meals! =)
Hubby ordered this....

Cajun Peppercorn Burger with Chips (Php 375.00)
I was not able to taste the burger but according to Hubby says that the Cajun Burger he tasted in La Loma QC was more yummier. I'm guessing that the burger is a so-so, nothing to be raved about. The chips are made of potatoes. I'm not sure if they are home made real potatoes but definitely it's not the usual chips that you can see in the grocery.

Home Run Sample Platter (Php 695.00)
Onion Rings, Chicken Wings, Sluggers (aka Mozzarella Sticks), Taquitos, Tortilla Chips, and Firecracker Fries - all piled into one plate that is perfect for sharing. Comes with a variety of sauces: marinara, salsa, queso, ranch, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Definitely we have salsa and queso on our sauces but I'm not sure of the other two. This is a huge serving! My friend and I were overwhelmed when the platter was out on the table. 3-4 people can enjoy this serving. From the pile what I love the most are the Sluggers and Firecracker Fries. Tortilla chips would've been better if the Salsa being served is good. I still like the Mexicali salsa.

For our drinks, we just ordered iced tea for the three of us - me, my friend and hubby. It's just a regular iced tea flavor, nothing special. Iced tea costs Php 90 or 95 per glass.

Would I recommend it to friends? Yeah, I think the place is a good venue to catch up with friends especially for males and sports fanatic. Imagine yourself having a glass of beer with the Home Run Sampler Platter on the table with friends watching a Pacquiao fight or a NBA Finals Game. Though there are some misses with the food, NSG is still worth a try. Next time that we saw a deal, I'll buy another set of vouchers to try their other "best" and recommended food in their menu.

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