Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gifts for our Blackberry

I can't wait for my sister to come home from Malaysia. She's planning to buy a new smart phone and she had this Blackberry 9300 that she promised to give to me. Last 2010 I bought a Blackberry 8520 but I'm having trouble with the A and Q keys. The timing couldn't be more perfect.

As soon as I have the Blackberry 9300, I'm planning to buy a cell phone cover to protect it from scratches and to prolong its use. I found these two cute cases that I would like for my Blackberry:
Colorful Hearts to cheer up my mood
Cherry Blossoms! Wish I can see one personally...
To fully proof our Blackberry, I would need a black leather pouch. Based on my experience the reason why my Blackberry 8520 had some keys not working is because I left it as it is in my bag, no pouch to protect it from my other things inside the bag. Now I need to have a technician repaired it before I hand it over to hubby so he can use that instead of my Sony Ericsson W800i which is 7 years old. Imagine that.

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