Thursday, November 8, 2012

Agraria San Francisco

As promised in my previous entry, I'll make a post about the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion and soaps provided in our room during our overnight stay in Intercontinental Manila.

The product brand is new to my ear. Never heard about it so I made a quick research about Agraria.

Screen shot from

"Long before anyone talked about "going green," Agraria was packaging potpourri, candles, soap bars, sachets and burning sticks in woven palm leaf containers from Indonesia." 

Bottom line, Agraria is a wrapped-and-ready-to give bath and body products and they are the exclusive distributors of bath products for Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts (Lemon Verbena).

Facial Soap
We haven't used this soap since we brought our own facial wash with us. I didn't know that Intercon provides a facial soap apart from the bath soap.

Bath Soap
Looks like the facial soap but no, you have to check the label on the box. I love the scent of Lemon Verbena, very citrus. I feel relaxed by the scent of it.

Hand and Body Lotion
 It does moisturize but you have to be patient in spreading it in a particular area since once you applied it, there will still be traces of the lotion left on the skin so you have to religiously spread the lotion until no marks can be seen.

Conditioner, Shower Gel and Shampoo
Conditioner - It does moisturize my hair. I think I used 3/4 of the bottle since I have a long hair but I still like Creamsilk in my hair though.

Bath/ Shower Gel - Very citrus, lemon smell. Just like any normal gel, it glides on the skin when applied.

Shampoo - I don't think it's for me. There's something off about the shampoo versus the Dove shampoo I'm using but for guys, this shampoo will do. When I applied the shampoo and rinsed it, I was thinking of using the conditioner to smooth my hair. I ended up getting lazy and didn't conditioned my hair. Could it be my fault as well and not the shampoo?

Overall, I'm okay using the products except for the shampoo and I so love the lemon scent. It brings me back memories of summer or the color yellow just pop into my head...hehehe.  

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