Thursday, November 1, 2012

75%Off? Not Really....

It's weird that I'm still up at this hour of November 1st (12:30am). Thanks to Cebu Pacific 75% off Offer thus I've been checking their website for discounted flights.

I'm targeting Singapore next year and the best date to visit the Merlion is during the Chinese New Year (February 10 and 11, 2013). So I tried these dates in Cebu Pacific portal to check how much is the cost for a round trip per person. Since Feb 10 and 11 are Sunday and Monday, I have to adjust the start date of the trip to Friday which is Feb 8. See the breakdown:

More than half of the cost that I have to pay will go to taxes and fees! Boohoo! The fare itself is really cheap but it's disheartening to see the figures generated for the taxes and fees. The price that you see at the bottom doesn't include the 15kg baggage. If I will add the 15kg baggage allowance to and fro (total of Php 700), the total fare will be at Php 5k+.

When I went to Shanghai China last February 2010, my round trip airfare is only Php 4k (baggage allowance included) then this year my round trip airfare to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is Php 3k+. If I will include the 15kg baggage allowance it's around Php 4k. Now the question will be, is it still possible for me to get one round trip airfare+baggage to Singapore at the price of Php 4k? I think I will need a Piso Seat Sale Promo for this one.

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