Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wedding Preps.....again

Yup! That's right, I'm back to wedding planning/ preparations again and no, it's not me who's going to walk down the aisle (though it's a good idea to do it again after 20 years).

I'm helping my sister with her wedding next year. Target month is November or December. Ha! I told her that December is the wedding month here in the Philippines versus the month of June in the USA. So good luck in getting a weekend dates for December.

To start of her wedding preparations, I've registered to a few bridal fairs. The first two that I attended were in NBC Tent and in MegaTrade Hall. I just gathered the brochures and fliers that the wedding suppliers are giving out so I can say there's no progress at all. The last bridal fair that I attended for this year is in SMX Convention Center. That was last September 9 and as always, it's the biggest bridal fair ever! Themes and Motifs Wedding Expo is always a hit. It's well-organized and majority of the suppliers in the wedding industry are there. Best of all, the venues are spacious which is super plus for me.

We walked to and fro to along the aisles of the fair, making inquiries on the suppliers that my sister shortlisted.

Tons of fliers and brochures are inside of these folders....

On that bridal fair, VS&F Catering held a grand food tasting event. We didn't make it to the grand food tasting since they run out of food but we manage to taste their Hickory Babyback Ribs by paying for the meal. Hehehehe.

Php 250 for this meal. Drinks not included. 
The baby back ribs is tender and the sauce is sweet, a little bit too sweet for me though. 

After our dinner, we're back on our feet to give the place a good one more sweep. Then I stopped on WingDingz booth to check out their invitations which amazed me since 5 years ago the invitations back then have a traditional concept. 

Like any other bridal fairs, suppliers offers discounts any freebies if you booked them on the spot. What's more, you can also make a reservation and have the prices they offer in the fair locked down! That's what I'm actually after, locking down the prices for the discount is around 5-20%. So, I persuaded my sister if she can make a reservation for their wedding invitations by sharing this in FB...

Check out the SRP and the Bridal Fair's a good deal, isn't it?

Interesting ideas for an invitation...

You'll just need to pay  Php 1,000 to make a reservation and lock down the prices (see the red ones) so my sister finally agreed and we got Wingdingz as their supplier! Yey! One down and more to go....hehehehe. 

Fast track to today, I already scheduled an appointment in Palmos Weddings (the maker of my wedding gown) on December 28th in their Alabang office. I've never been there since I always have my appointments in their Makati office. But I do hope that my sister will be a Palmos bride like me! 

Last September 30, we joined the Grand Food Tasting of Josiah's Catering in 1Espalande. Since there's no other way for my sister and her fiance to do this themselves, me and my hubby together with the groom's sisters joined forces in putting our taste buds to the test. I'll make a separate entry about our experience in Josiah's food tasting event. I was so bloated on that day and I get a little dizzy. Uh-oh does it mean my cholesterol level is shooting up?!

Coming this weekend (October 6)  is another food tasting event courtesy of Juan Carlo Catering in Fernbrook Gardens. This will be interesting since my sister is eyeing Fernbrook as their reception venue so I'll be hitting two birds with one stone on Saturday. I'm so excited for this and hopefully it doesn't rain. 

So there you have it, I'm juggling my full-time and sideline with the wedding preparations. My hands are so full that I forgot to blog the things that I want to share with you guys. I wish I have a better internet or a good reliable smartphone that I can use.

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