Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tackling Infidelity

For some reason, films that tackles infidelity is a hit in movie goers. Take for example No Other Woman and the very recent film, A Secret Affair. I've seen the first film but no the second one. Could it be that Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsey are the lead characters thus their films are top grosser or could it be the story itself that drawn people into watching it.

There are times that I have this what if moment playing in my mind. What if I'm Christine Reyes in No Other Woman? What will I do? Should I fight for our marriage? Or should I drop it like a hot potato?
I'm praying that infidelity will not cross our marriage life (we've been married for 5 years) and so far so good.  My hubby is a very Catholic man that he sometimes engage himself in debates about religion but it helps to know that infidelity is not something he will entertain. So I'm relieved somehow.

I can't help it but share these questions being asked in an online community group that I'm a part of. The purpose is to enlighten each other and share different POVs on how you will face infidelity if it hits you right in the face.
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Read on and let me know your thoughts as well...

1) Will you lose your grip or make a scene and confront your husband if you found out that he went to a  beer house with a GRO on his table? Yes, I think every wife will be pissed off with this scene, who doesn't? Especially if you caught them in flirting mode or worst making out! 

2) Do you think your husband will ever cheat? Are you paranoid? Or are you confident that he is loyal?
I'm confident at the moment that he is loyal to me. But then again, I'm open to possibilities. You'll never know what will happen in the next 5 years but I hope and pray that he will be forever loyal to me.

3) Let's say your husband cheated on you (have an affair), do you fight or leave? Is it right to leave your husband with his mistress or to fight for your marriage and for your children? Since we don't have kids yet, it's easy for me to say I will leave him and his mistress but then again if my husband tells me that I'm the one he loves and that he is sorry for being weak (yeah cheating is a sign of weakness) then I'll give him another chance. But if it happens again, I guess I have to let go. Where's the respect if you will do it for the 2nd time around? 

4) Do you experience having an affair or your husband having an affair apart from you (at any level, whether ripe for an affair, girlfriend, mistress)? How did you deal with it?  Thank goodness we didn't have any extra affairs even if we're still in bf-gf relationship and I hope what we have now will be for keeps. 

5) For those who say that they will fight for their marriage, how do you do that? I have no clue to be honest but what I will do is pray alone. Ask for guidance and strength to get me through this trial. Then I will have a heart to heart talk with my husband and ask him  to pray the rosary with me. I believe in the power of praying the rosary. 

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