Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good job bro!

I can't resist to share this to y'all! I'm one happy sister! So far all my efforts and hardship to send him to school is paying off. I'm not asking my brother to give me super high grades. I'm fine so as long all his subjects are passing marks and yes, it must be line of 8. Sorry, I can't help it to include that remark.

First Semester Grades - BS IS

I always tell him that it's not the school that defines a person. It's how resourceful/innovative you can be and  how you applied those skills that you learned in school after graduating that matters. I've seen a lot of people who came from prestigious and well-known schools but end up jobless/unemployed. They lack the guts and confidence (I'm basing this through my own experience and I will not mention any name).

Keep it up bro! I have faith in you. Just continue to strive and be careful to stay alive in the jungle. Yeah, college nowadays is like a jungle.You need to be tough.

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