Monday, October 22, 2012

Diana Stalder Anniversary Promo

Anniversary Promo of Diana Stalder (grab from  their FB page)

For the whole month of October, Diana Stalder are offering different promos as a way of their thanks to those who religiously patronize their services and products. I must admit, I've never tried their products and services at all. The first time I did was way back in June of this year when I used one of the three vouchers I purchased in a groupon deal site for their 14-Step Facial Rejuvenation. I went to their Makati branch after office hours to redeem the voucher. At that time, I didn't enjoy much the facial, I felt that my facial was rushed because it only lasted for 30-40 mins.

My second facial was on October 1st and this time around, I like their facial treatment. Probably because I scheduled it at 2pm and used my lunch break.  It was not rushed and the attendant is accommodating (we're taking about my skin and how to take care of it). My face felt cleaned and it looked cleaned so I'm a happy customer. On my way out  that's where I learned about their promos through Diane and Libay. That was Monday and they have a promo of their 30g soaps for Php6! That's right! So even though it's not in my plan to buy anything, I ended up purchasing lemon soap and glutathione soap.

My Diana Stalder loot
Glutathione and Lemon Soaps (30g)
I put on a CD so you can see the actual size of the soap.
It's perfect for traveling or as a gift.

October 11, I went again to Diana Stalder Makati branch and this time I purchased their famous black soap. The price is Php16 per piece. Just like before, 5pcs per customer is the limit. I was not able to get their other products on sale at Php 16 like foot scrub, body wash, shower gel, etc. since the stocks run out. Boohoo!

actual size of their regular sized soap
The black soap whitens the dark areas and even the skin tone but you have to use it at night. If you want a whitening soap that doesn't dry your skin and can be use during daytime then you need to have their Papaya Acid Kojic soap.

October 12, I went back to their office this time to avail the 3 soaps (kojic papaya+collagen+lemon) equals to Php 160. I know the thought that's running in your mind that I maybe crazy in religiously going back and forth for their products. I can't help it, their promos are too good to pass up. For this 3 soaps promo, 3 sets is the max limit which means you can get 9 soaps. Their quite flexible with the variants that you can purchase, say you can get 3 kogic papaya or 3 collagen or 3 lemon soap or mixed the variants depending on your  preference. By the way, the sizes of the soap are similar to the black soap.

 30g Lemon Soap versus the Black Soap
Got myself a freebie during my first purchase of the soaps - a soap holder

You still have a week and a half left to avail of their promos. If I'm not mistaken the regular price of their 30g soap is Php 50-60 while their regular sized soap costs around Php 200+. The very reason why the stocks run up fast.

I'm planning to buy another 5 pcs of black soap this coming Thursday and another set of the 3 soaps on Friday. I'm after their collagen soap since this item is selling hot. One piece of advice, call your nearest Derma Stalder branch first to check the other promos within the day that you decided to visit their office. Second, make sure to be there early. On my case, I make it a point to be there in the office at exactly 10am. That's the time that their office usually opens. 

As for the reviews on their products, I don't have any at the moment since I just started using their black soap last night. As for their kojic papaya, I think I need 2-4 weeks to see any difference on my skin. I haven't tried using the collagen soap yet but soon I will.

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