Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kokeshi Dolls

"Kokeshi is known as one of the most important traditional folk arts of Japan. With its origins from northern Japan, Kokeshi are traditional handmade Japanese dolls made of wood. The kokeshi has a simple trunk and a comparatively large head. Traditionally, the face is defined by sparse painted lines. Kokeshi dolls were meant to symbolize local culture. The woodwork artisans, known locally as Kijiya, that crafted them believed that these dolls would promise a good harvest. It was thought that if children played with these dolls, the gods would be impressed.

Today, kokeshi dolls are popular toys in Japan, as well as a favorite souvenir or gift item. The kokeshi, popular in Japan for generations, still remains as a famous cultural item. The dolls’ bold colors and simple lines are a showcase of centuries-old Japanese design. Some even consider the kokeshi doll as a lucky charm. Some purchase the doll because of the belief that it protects a home against fire. It is also said that the dolls hold some spiritual significance, being a symbol of a fervent wish for a healthy child." ~

Initially I was thinking of ordering a pair of Kokeshi dolls for me and R but I held that thought for the time being and instead decided to give it as a gift for a wedding. I'm looking for something new, something that can easily be transferred from one place to another (in case they decided to relocate) and something that will stand out. And I did! Thanks to Ms. Benz for posting her fair share of experience when it comes to Kokeshi Dolls and ordering it from Khristine.

2-3 months backward: Read a post of Ms. Benz placing an order to Khristine for a family set of Kokeshi dolls. Obviously, I've fallen for the dolls even if they are draft drawings. Turns out that Ms. Benz read a post of Marjorie who ordered the dolls as an anniversary gift to her Japanese hubby. For the second time, I was convinced to get my own dolls.

The best way to contact Khristine is through email - 

She sent me a draft after a week or two as soon as I made the 50% down payment...

This is the initial draft and I immediately approved it! As soon as the draft has been approved, Khristine will  make the dolls. I waited for 3-4 more weeks before the dolls are ready for pick-up.

The finished product....

inside this heart-shaped box....

...lays the Kokeshi dolls for Joel and Jazz!

Aren't they the cutest?! I'm so glad that the newlywed couples loved it! 
Cheers to Joel and Jazz for more years of laughter, tears and everything in between! 

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