Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fire and Ice

The winner for this year's Christmas theme in our company. In simpler form or words, it means Red and White and your guess is right! All of us are required to wear either red or white or both.  A lot of people don't want to complicate things of thinking what to wear in the party so the simpler, the better.

I'm so lazy that I didn't find the time to vote for the theme of our company's Christmas Party. They gave us 4 themes to choose from...

* Medieval Theme - this is the time of Elizabeth I and the Golden Age. Shakespeare and the like. If you ask me, this needs too much effort to dress up and probably will make my wallet to scream at me.

* Music Icon - obviously this is a tribute to all the music idols and artists that we love and worship. I was thinking real hard on what music icon should I consider to copy if in case this theme won. Maybe Michelle Branch or Vanessa Hudgens? Oh! My bad, Vanessa Hudgens is not a full pledge music artist. She leans more into acting. Erase!

* Cosplay - my dear husband wants me to vote for this. It's pretty understandable because he is a fan of anime and manga. I was looking forward to do a cosplaying just to experience it even once in my life. And for somebody my age, I bet a lot of people will gasp once I turned into a famous anime character....hehehe. It seems that a lot of the employees don't think the same way I did.

* Fire and Ice- The easiest among the themes. Nothing complicated and according to my hubby, it's boring! Hehehe. I get his point since last year our Christmas party's theme was black and white.

I still have 3 months to lose a few pounds and think of something to wear. I remember that my sister has a red dress that she used before for their Christmas party. Hmmm...creative juices where are you now? I need to see the dress again and see if I can add a dash of magic to make it look fab ;)

How about you? Do you have themed Christmas parties as well?

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