Sunday, July 29, 2012

The One That Got Away

Just a disclaimer, this post has  nothing to do with regrets over past lover(s). On my case I have one ex-bf and I have no regrets that we didn't end up together. We were too young back then so our personalities don't jive.

Anyways, this post has something to do with our supposed "new baby" in the house. It's not a gadget but a pet. Poochie will turn 2 this August and though she acts like a child in the house, she's considered an adult in the canine world.

An online friend whom I known since 2006 during the W@W days (these were the days when we are preparing for our weddings), posted in her FB wall about lab-rott mix puppies that she has. Initially they were selling the puppies thinking that they are 100% pure lab but turns out that their daddy is 50-50 of lab and rottweiler thus they put some of the puppies for adoption whereas the others were sold at a low price. I was one of those dog lovers who got interested to adopt one of the puppies and my OL friend is meticulous in selecting the qualified owners of the puppies. They want to make sure that Claudia's (that's the name of their pet labrador) puppies will be put into good homes. Jan asked me to wait for 2nd week of July for their decision if I will be the "lucky one" who will adopt the puppies.

Proud Mom - Claudia
First week of July, I was tagged in a post of Jan in her FB wall saying I was one of the selected adoptive owners of Claudia's puppies! Hooray! I was ecstatic as I was really hoping that Poochie will have a playmate at home. Jan sent me a PM and told me that Alistair will be our pup. A black male lab-rott mix. 

Alistair at 5 weeks
Uh-oh! Did she say male? My imagination went to overdrive and think of the possible scenarios that might happen once Alistair becomes adult. Oh no! I'm fearing of a retriever-collie-labrador-rott mixed puppies being born. Don't get me wrong, I love the ideas of puppies but I don't want Poochie and Alistair getting intimate with each other . So with a heavy heart I told Jan that we have to give up on Alistair since Poochie is female and I am unsure if we can be able to control these two dogs when Poochie is in heat. Male dogs can smell if a female dog is in heat (menstrual period for dogs). 

Now I can't help but wonder what could've been if we have Alistair in our home. Just look on how adorable and cute Claudia's pups....
Alistair with his siblings
I bet it's one load of happines, naughtiness, craziness and pure love! To the new owner of Alistair, please take good care of him for Claudia, Jan and me.

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