Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RIP Pidol

Dubbed as the Comedy King of the Philippines and true to his title, who can beat the contributions he has done in terms of arts and films in the span of 50+ years. He came from humble beginnings and strive hard to reach his dream and that is being a well loved artist (actor). He took his last bow last night due to multiple organ failure at Makati Medical Center.

As a child, I will never forget the reruns of his old movies in RPN 9. I so loved his character as Facifica Falayfay. Yes that's his character from the past that I remember so well . Then there's this TV show that I always watched  together with my grandparents which is the John en Marsha. Then came his Home Along Da Riles show that I also favored watching together with my siblings.

No matter how many comedians come our way, truly nobody can replace Dolphy (aka Pidol). Not even Vic Sotto or Joey de Leon can surpass the amount of joy and laughter he brought to the Filipinos across the globe. Definitely he will be missed especially the entertainment industry that became his home.

Rest well Mr. Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr.  

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