Sunday, July 29, 2012

The One That Got Away

Just a disclaimer, this post has  nothing to do with regrets over past lover(s). On my case I have one ex-bf and I have no regrets that we didn't end up together. We were too young back then so our personalities don't jive.

Anyways, this post has something to do with our supposed "new baby" in the house. It's not a gadget but a pet. Poochie will turn 2 this August and though she acts like a child in the house, she's considered an adult in the canine world.

An online friend whom I known since 2006 during the W@W days (these were the days when we are preparing for our weddings), posted in her FB wall about lab-rott mix puppies that she has. Initially they were selling the puppies thinking that they are 100% pure lab but turns out that their daddy is 50-50 of lab and rottweiler thus they put some of the puppies for adoption whereas the others were sold at a low price. I was one of those dog lovers who got interested to adopt one of the puppies and my OL friend is meticulous in selecting the qualified owners of the puppies. They want to make sure that Claudia's (that's the name of their pet labrador) puppies will be put into good homes. Jan asked me to wait for 2nd week of July for their decision if I will be the "lucky one" who will adopt the puppies.

Proud Mom - Claudia
First week of July, I was tagged in a post of Jan in her FB wall saying I was one of the selected adoptive owners of Claudia's puppies! Hooray! I was ecstatic as I was really hoping that Poochie will have a playmate at home. Jan sent me a PM and told me that Alistair will be our pup. A black male lab-rott mix. 

Alistair at 5 weeks
Uh-oh! Did she say male? My imagination went to overdrive and think of the possible scenarios that might happen once Alistair becomes adult. Oh no! I'm fearing of a retriever-collie-labrador-rott mixed puppies being born. Don't get me wrong, I love the ideas of puppies but I don't want Poochie and Alistair getting intimate with each other . So with a heavy heart I told Jan that we have to give up on Alistair since Poochie is female and I am unsure if we can be able to control these two dogs when Poochie is in heat. Male dogs can smell if a female dog is in heat (menstrual period for dogs). 

Now I can't help but wonder what could've been if we have Alistair in our home. Just look on how adorable and cute Claudia's pups....
Alistair with his siblings
I bet it's one load of happines, naughtiness, craziness and pure love! To the new owner of Alistair, please take good care of him for Claudia, Jan and me.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Plays and Operas

I was never into watching plays. No erase that, I can watch different plays or opera acts so as long I know the story or I'm familiar about the play. Take for example Romeo and Juliet which is a classic. So when a friend of mine start discussing about the la cage aux folles tickets, la boheme tickets and la traviata tickets, I got lost. Turns out that La Cage Aux Folles was a French play way back in 1973 and it was turned into a film and a musical play later on. La Boheme and La Traviata were opera acts by Italian composer named Giuseppe Verdi.

Now I understand why she's fascinated when she learned about these tickets. You see she's currently studying B.S. Tourism and from what I gathered, there's a curriculum in this college course that you need to learn other languages. Most likely she decided to learn French or Italian. Someone's up for education and cultural learning.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RIP Pidol

Dubbed as the Comedy King of the Philippines and true to his title, who can beat the contributions he has done in terms of arts and films in the span of 50+ years. He came from humble beginnings and strive hard to reach his dream and that is being a well loved artist (actor). He took his last bow last night due to multiple organ failure at Makati Medical Center.

As a child, I will never forget the reruns of his old movies in RPN 9. I so loved his character as Facifica Falayfay. Yes that's his character from the past that I remember so well . Then there's this TV show that I always watched  together with my grandparents which is the John en Marsha. Then came his Home Along Da Riles show that I also favored watching together with my siblings.

No matter how many comedians come our way, truly nobody can replace Dolphy (aka Pidol). Not even Vic Sotto or Joey de Leon can surpass the amount of joy and laughter he brought to the Filipinos across the globe. Definitely he will be missed especially the entertainment industry that became his home.

Rest well Mr. Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Havaianas' School Spirit

Basketball is a big thing here in the Philippines. I guess we can say that it's the most popular sports here apart from boxing. Just like in the US, colleges and universities formed an association where students (or should I say,  chosen rep of the schools) compete with other students/reps from different schools.

UAAP or University Athletic Association of the Philippines is one of those association. Established in 1938 it is composed of 8 universities namely: UP (University of the Philippines), UST (University of Santo Tomas), DLSU (De La Salle University, ADMU (Ateneo de Manila University), AdU (Adamson University), FEU (Far Eastern University), UE (Universtity of the East) and NU (National University). 

Each university has it's own symbol and colors to represent the school and Havaianas PH came out with this limited collection of flip flops in celebration of UAAP's 75th Season.

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Hubby's Alma Mater
My Alma Mater - AdU

These UAAP Havaianas will be out in selected retailers on July 6. According to Havaianas PH FB Official page, all designs approved as per regulations and restrictions of the UAAP board.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Power of Rosary

In times like today, it's a must that both man and wife have jobs unless one of them is making enough to sustain the needs and expenses for the whole household.

4 years of unemployment is not a joke. As a recruiter it's a big turn-off if you see a resume that has 4 years of gap. That was the main challenge for my husband to land a job even as an entry level. Additional factor is his age since his already 35 years old. If you're in Manila, the age of a person plays a big role. Majority of the companies doesn't want to hire people who are in their mid-thirties. They prefer peeps in their early 20s as much as possible.

I was on the verge of losing hope...of giving up...I enrolled my husband to various short courses in the span of 4 years that he is out of the workforce. The last course he enrolled to was an English proficiency class as I'm convinced that his only hope to have a job is to work in a call center. But to my disappointment, he got rejected.
His and Her Rosaries
Then we decided to pray the rosary to seek for strength, hope and a miracle. The last time I held a rosary in my hands was during my high school. Studying in a catholic church (some of your are familiar with this scene), we are required to say the rosary every school days of October as this is considered of the month of the rosary. I'm not a perfect Catholic. I'm not like the others who can be seen inside the church most of the time. I don't participate in different church processions but I'm a believer that there is God. I believe in Jesus as Christ. I believe in Mother Mary and how pure she is. I believe that everything happens for a reason despite that my faith is being tested. 

It's only been a day or two when we are praying the rosary when hubby got a call for an interview. Just like the past interviews that he had, I always wish him good luck and give him some pep talk and pointers to boost his morale. I was itching to get home that day so I can get the accounts of what happened to his interview. He told me that it was okay. That he felt he has an edge compared to the previous applicants that got interviews as per the manager he spoke to. His advantage was he is well versed with Solidworks and he knows the concept of 3D views and drawings. Hubby told me that he felt that he didn't do well with the written exams as there are questions that are difficult to answer and he is not sure if his answers are correct.

He was told to wait for a call for an update/ feedback. That night, we prayed the rosary with our intention of Hubby getting the job. Past 2 days after his interview and 2 days of praying the rosary with the same intention, he got a call from the company who interviewed him. Hubby and I were expecting that he will be scheduled for another round of interview or a hands-on exercises since the candidates before him were asked to sit down in front of a desktop and opened Solidworks. Surprise of all surprises! He was given a job offer! I was stunned. I was at work back then and hubby was at home doing the laundry. My heart pounded and couldn't believe that our prayer was answered and it's not even a week of praying the rosary. Tears of joy and gratitude fell down my face and so is hubby (he texted me saying he was crying). Wow! I forgot how powerful prayer can be. God gave hubby a chance and we are ecstatic! Thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Mama Mary! We will forever be grateful and we will make sure not to waste this blessing. Amen.

"Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you." ~ Matthew 7:7