Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Experience in SSS Loan Application

I've been working for 11 years now and this year I decided to make use of the SSS loan application as I'm hearing a lot of stories that some people are using your own SSS account to take advantage of the loan. Hearing my colleagues that it will only take 2 weeks for the SSS loan to be processed and that I can apply even I don't have an SSS ID (that's right! no ID as they are always offline whenever I tried to apply), I filled up the application form.

It was March 26 when I write down the necessary info needed in the form. A week after, our HR rep told me that I need to wait for a month before SSS can process my application. For some reason, there's a note in my SSS account (I've seen it online) saying about temporary loan on-hold or similar to that. I was confused if I need to apply for an ID or if someone already used my SSS number to apply for a loan. Since I have no other choice, I waited for a month. I didn't fill out another form. Instead I just waited for a month to pass by as per our HR instruction.

May 7, our HR rep filed my loan application to SSS. I was hoping that this time there will be no hassle as I'm planning to use the loaned amount for my brother's schooling (he's already in college). Within that day, our HR rep gave me the claim stub meaning that my application was received by the SSS and I just have to wait for it to be processed. Sweet!

One week after May 7th, I checked my SSS online with regards to my loan status. Whoa! Nothing under the loan tab. My colleagues told me that normally there will be details of the loan application and details of the check issued. I thought to myself, I give it another week. Probably it takes two weeks exact to be process. 2nd  week came ((May 21st), nada! Still nothing. Now I'm getting fidgety that I decided to contact our HR rep. She told me to wait since it's possible that it's delayed and sometimes there are loan applications that are process in a month. Okay, fine. I'll wait again for 2 weeks and see what happens. Still the same old story and it's June 4th. I am pissed off during that time. I've waited too much for this loan to be process and it's my first time to use this benefit after years of working. I decided to ask our HR rep the following week (June 11th). Our HR was surprised since its way beyond the duration. She asked me to go to SSS office directly and asked for the status.

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Good thing that the we have less work load during that day. By 10am, I went to a nearby SSS office to figure out what's causing the holdup. I was instructed by the guard to the Information counter. I told the staff my agenda. She was surprised to see my loan application status completely blank upon checking their system. She exclaimed that it's been a month since the filing. So she went to the back office to check and told me to wait on the chairs provided on that area. After 15-30 mins of waiting, an older lady came out and she called my name. She explained to me the reason why there's no update on my application. Turns out that the filing date of my application is expired. On the form, it says March 26. I told her that our HR didn't tell me about this. Have we known we could've changed it sooner. She added that my form was in a folder labeled rejected and she was waiting for our HR rep to pick it up to have the date changed. She gave me the instruction to change the date on the form and have it countered sign by the HR rep who initially signed my form. I'm grateful that our office is only a few minutes away from the SSS office. As soon as I reached our office I immediately went to our HR rep that I've been communicating with for almost 2 months about my loan. Even she is not aware that the issue was the date on the form as she didn't get any update/feedback from SSS. I just told her to change the date and have it sign and I can bring it back to SSS. Our HR rep told me that if in case the SSS staff asked me to sign a new form, I have to tell her simply that I'm working and I'm busy as there were instances that the staff will ask for a new fill-up form versus using the old one. I pray that I would be spared from that scenario. After 5 minutes, I'm back again to SSS office. Lucky me that the person I talked to before was the one in Counter 2 (Corporate Accounts). She recognized me immediately and I was accommodated immediately. After checking the date and the signature, she stamped the date on my claim stub June 11th. Same with my application form. I was expecting that I have to wait for 2 weeks again but yesterday, curiosity got the best of me, I decided to check my SSS online. And there it was under my loan tab, the details I've been eagerly waiting! Finally! I'm so excited for tomorrow because of this.

Some of you may think I'm over reacting but for someone who decided to use this benefit of SSS for the first time and waiting for almost 2 months, I think it's only fair that I have this kind of reaction.

Yesterday I finally got the paper that I've been waiting and wanting! Whew! It was indeed a long process, for me anyway. Next agenda, I have to apply for an SSS ID (hopefully there system doesn't go offline like before). Now that's another adventure that I have to prepare for.

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