Friday, June 22, 2012

Crossing my Fingers

I've joined an online raffle promo yesterday and I was hoping that I will be lucky enough to be the winner (so far there's 86100 total entries. I have 130 entries earned by liking some FB pages, announcing the raffle giveaway on twitter, liking the blog posts and leaving a commen on the blog).

Some of you may find these techniques kind of bizaare but blogging and generating users and bloggers alike to participate in your online raffles/ giveaways has never been so high-tech. Thanks to rafflecopter.

As much as I want to explain about rafflecopter, I feel that I'm in no position to do so since I'm not sponsoring any raffles or giveaways. Hopefully in the near future where I'm a one hell of a blogger like the others.

Anyways, back to the giveaway that I so wanted badly. The lucky winner will receive a $500 Cash in his/her paypal account! Cool! This is in celebration of 4th of July since the one who oragnized the raffle hails from Texas.

This raffle came at the right time as I needed the money for the triple birthday celebration in August (me, my brother and my ever adorable pet dog) plus I'm going to KL on that month so a pocket money wouldn't hurt.

Did I get you interested somehow? To know more about the giveaway, click on this link -  Diva Fabulosa will be happy to see you drop by her blog.

I'm so praying to win this...please...

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