Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Qs for Mother's Day

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One of my yahoo groups had a tradition of asking random questions every Thursday. This is to keep each member of the group to participate and to get to know each other deeper.

For this week, it's all about being a mother and about our mothers.

1.  How many kids do you want? And their genders? What would you want their names to be?
>>> 2 - one boy and one girl. Girl's name is Reejane. I'm still thinking of a name for a boy. As much as possible I want it to be different.

2.  What would you want your kid/s to be when he/she grow up?
>>> Nothing concrete but I really want them to be involve in sports. R and I agreed that we will not introduce PC games to our child/children especially at a young age.

3.  Greatest mistake you did that you don't want your child to do the same thing?
>>> Probably not showing how much I love my parents and siblings. I am not that affectionate. I don't hug them, I don't kiss them but I do respect them by giving mano and saying po and opo.

4.  Tell us about one of your godmothers in your wedding, and why you chose her to be a godmother!  (Like, what's your relation to her, how long have you known her, what was her reaction when you asked her, etc.)
>>> Two ninangs(godmothers) in my wedding are very special to me since they are the mothers of my bestfriends (highschool and college). They saw me grew...from merely a student to a bride preparing her wedding. They are my second mothers and they considered me as an extension of their families.

5.  What traits of your mother's do you see in yourself now that you're married and/or a parent yourself?
>>> As a wife, I tend to give sermons...hahaha! I only give sermons if I know I'm right and I'm trying to emphasize a point.

6.  Based on how you yourself behaved, which age-group do you think would be the most taxing for parents to handle: 0-10 years old, 11 to 15 yo, 16 to 20 yo?
>>> 16-20 years old. We all know na we can't be there 24/7 and this is the age where they tend to explore things (curiosity and peer pressure).  The only way we can do to is to guide them and talk to them and be there for them when they need someone to talk to. Just thinking about it makes me want to lock them up in the house. Hehehehe.

7.  What's the best marriage- or parenting-related advice that your mother gave you?
>>> She didn't give me any advice at all. We have a cold war back then since she doesn't want me to get married....hehehe. But seeing her as a wife and a mother, it made me realize that she is a very patient wife and strong-willed person. I wish I can be like that. Full of guts and courage but have an infinite patience.

Also, one advise that I will never forget is from my mother's aunt (my maternal grandmother's sister). She told me that once you are married you need to be tough. I connected this advise to a quote that was
shared by a good male friend of mine. He was getting married in early 2007 (I was married in late 2007) and he told me that "Marriage is for the brave souls". Back then, I was clueless. I have no idea why, but now I finally understand.

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