Monday, May 7, 2012

I Hate You Readbud

Obviously you know where I'm getting at just by solely looking into the title of this post. For those who are not into "making money online", one of the ways to earn money is by clicking some ads or reading articles. Currently the famous way to make online is blogging or being a virtual assistant. Anyways, enough of the explanations. I was disappointed to learn that READBUD site is a hoax!

I signed up with them way back 2010. Prior to signing up, I checked for reviews and feedback concerning this site just to make sure that I won't be fooled. Back then I didn't see any negative reviews or maybe it's my fault that I didn't probe further. Ha! I fell into their trap like the others.

For more than 6 months, I and hubby always make it a point to check Readbud for some new articles to review. I told my husband that it will be such a waste if we missed some articles. Come the moment that I've been waiting for when my earnings reached $50, I immediately request for a payout on my Readbud account. I got an automatic message saying I need to wait for a week till 30 days for my payout to be reflected in my PayPal account. I and hubby patiently waited, come 30 days I decided to make a follow-up. I've sent them an email to raise my concern. No reply from their end. I gave them another 30 days, still no reply. This is not a good sign.

One fine day I decided to clean my inbox. As I was checking for emails to be deleted, I saw the admin email of Readbud. It was an auto reply email once you signed up with them where it will show you your username and password. I immediately hit the reply button and wrote them an email raising my concern about my $50 payout which I have not received. I was hopeful that this time, my woes would be heard as soon as I hit the send button.

Imagine my surprise when I saw an email failure. It was my email to Readbud's admin/general info email address! That's when I confirmed that this site is bogus! Ha! I wish that there was a web or an internet police to shut this site down.

Lesson learned for me, do research a lot and don't get easily fooled by the forums or by the other people's comments/suggestions.


Anonymous said...

So it's confirmed that this is a sacm. Thanks for your post.

Anonymous said...

I confirm: it is a big SCAM. They owe me 50 dollars, as well 50 to my wife, never answered. Do not waste your time!!

Unknown said...

I share your sentiment. They owe me $50 as well. Tsk!