Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comfort has its value

My last hurrah for May and I'm talking about comfort and the price you have to pay to have one. Okay, don't get me wrong but it's true that there's a certain level of comfort in life and if you want to have a luxurious comfort then you have to spend for it.

Take for example this new FitFlop that is part of the FitFlop Trend Diffuser 2012 Collection...

FitFlop Uno

Description from FitFlop Philippines FB
You may just want 'one in every color' of FitFlop’s new neat, chic, scoop-cut Uno slip-on. This ballerina-style shoe with a hidden wedge adds a bit of height, making your legs look amazingly graceful. It’s definitely a gorgeous wardrobe basic not just for shoe lovers but for any fashionista as it has also been built with the brand’s new ultra-slim Biomimetix™ triple density midsole ensuring comfort and toning benefits that FitFlop is famous for.

When I hit my mid-twenties up to present (don't ask me how old I am because you will be surprised like everybody else...hehehe) I'm more into wearing flats. Sneakers, rubber shoes, ballet flats, flip flops, etc. So as long as my feet are flat on the ground, its fine with me but of course I am pretty keen when buying my shoes. I have this sensitive feet wherein I immediately got blisters by using a new pair of shoes. At worst, I can easily get a scratched skin. Horror isn't it? That's why I only select shoes that have soft material for my feet (not too soft of course) but you know what I'm getting at.

Imagine I saw this beauty in FB and my heart leaped for joy! I was thinking of buying a pair of FitFlops using the discount coupon from my BDJ planner but that's a different story as soon as I have that pair.

Anyways, this will be an answer to my sensitive feet! Unfortunately, I find it expensive. It costs Php 11,990. Wow! Just add a few more thousands and you will get a brand new laptop. I guess this means that this shoes really does wonder for your feet. Stylish comfort and you wouldn't mind walking for hours if you use this I bet. Sigh! See what I mean? I hope in the future they put this on sale.

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