Thursday, May 17, 2012

AI Voting

I should have posted this entry earlier but thanks to my Blackberry that is having a problem using Google Chrome as it's browser, I can't blog anymore through this gadget.

Just imagine me (the owner and author of this blog), sitting on my desk at the office with a laptop in front and a Blackberry in my hands. Let me take you back was 2:45 pm Manila time....

15 minutes left till 3pm Manila Time. That's the only time left for me to vote in American Idol and give my support to Jessica Sanchez. I tried the three toll-free numbers - no go! All the numbers are busy!

Tried it for the second time, still it's busy! I bet a lot of people are casting their votes for their AI bets. This is the first time I tried calling AI to cast my vote for a contestant and of course, I'm rooting for the only girl left standing to be on the Top 3. 

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Jessican Sanchez has a versatile voice. When I heard her sing Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Nightmare of Beyonce I knew she has a special talent. She has the ability to control her voice depending on her liking and it's tough for some singers to do that because there are instances wherein you will falter or squeak. You get the ugly picture right? 

But Jessica does it smoothly like it's so easy as learning ABC. That particular skill of hers gave her an edge among the other female contestants on her batch. I know a lot of comments have been voiced out like there's a small chance for Jessica to be the Idol winner because of her looks but who cares?! The girl's got talent and it's obvious thank you very much.

Now I only have 5 minutes left and all lines are still busy! Tsk! I should have cast my vote(s) earlier (10am-12nn). 

2 minutes to go and I still can't get through...arrrgh! I just hope that Jessica have enough votes on her belt so she can join the Top 2. And then, I will have my chance to cast my vote.

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