Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surgery Homework

It makes me wonder how one individual prepares himself/herself before going under the knife. With the latest technologies in health and cosmetic/plastic arena, one can think that it's possible to achieve the enhancements you've ever dreamed anytime so as long as you are capable to spend. So before jumping into a surgeon office one must do a research on a specific procedure they are interested in. Not everyone is a qualified candidate and one must anticipate rejections especially if there's a serious health condition that can trigger another condition.

Take for example the restylane for wrinkles. I didn't know such procedure existed. All I know is that when it comes to hiding your true age, Botox is the way to get it. Interesting fact that I read is that Restylane can add skin moisture thus the youthful glow. I wonder if I'm a qualified candidate for this procedure. For obvious reasons, pregnant and breastfeeding individuals are marked off the list. General qualification is an adult with good health so I assume that a person's vital health information and medical history is needed before getting a go signal. As far as I know I'm healthy and the only serious medical condition that I had is when I was in grade school. What's more Restylane has less risk of allergic reactions since it contains components that are found in our body. Cool!

Now that I mentioned Botox, it surprises me that some celebrities who undergo this procedure will immediately come out of the television or had media exposure creating a stir and letting the world know that they had facial enhancements. I'm curious than ever to find out how long is the botox healing time. I'm surprised that after the injection, you can return back to your normal activities. Wow! So that's why they come out just like that even if their face is slightly puffed. Interesting fact is that a patient needs to refrain from lying down or rubbing the face to avoid the spreading of Botox to other parts of the body. Makes sense to me. The sacrifices you need to make to be beautiful.

Another find in looking young is the Juvederm injections which is another new term for me. What caught my attention was that ages 30-65 can undergo the juvederm under eyes. My initial reaction was this procedure is mainly for treating dark under eyes but upon researching it on My Surgery MD, I was wrong with my assumption. See? I have a lot to learn in all these cosmetic surgical terms. Juvederm is a popular treatment to smoothened facial wrinkles and fine lines. I think I would need this kind of treatment in the next 5 years. I've been noticing since my late twenties that there are some lines visible under my eyes and for the time being, my remedy to prevent it for being too visible is to moisture my face. I'm starting to like this procedure especially that it's non-invasive treatment and the side effects are minor versus Botox. I think Juvederm and Restylane are on the same level of cosmetic procedure that is a low risk but of course one person's medical background if you're a perfect candidate.

After all being said on this entry, the bottom line is to know your surgery well and do your homework. No need to rush and jump the bandwagon of people who undergo enhancements. Listen to your body and asked yourself if you're ready.

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