Sunday, April 15, 2012

Know your Rights for Graveyard/ Night Shift Workers

I was surprised to see that these rights (rules) exist. Back then when I was a call center agent for almost three years (2003-2006) all I know is that when you are working at night it's mandatory to have a night differential. In fairness to the company, they provided us sleeping quarters while I heard some companies don't have any (most of the time these are IT consulting/ staffing/ augmentation companies that needs to have employees working at night to support other countries).

(This picture was shared by National Youth Commission for everybody's awareness)

Having said that these are laws created by the government, I wonder how well the companies here in the Philippines (especially BPO and RPO companies) are aware about this. Let's face it, not all of them have sleeping quarters. Not all of them have a clinic or "first-aid" facility (yeah, experienced working in one company who doesn't have these). So the question will be, how well is these laws implemented here? How strict our government can do for these rules to be followed by the outsource companies?

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