Sunday, April 29, 2012

Half-price on Starbucks' Frappuccino

Happy Hour is here! Every Monday starting April 30 to May 28 @ 2-6pm enjoy your favorite Starbucks's Frappuccino at half the price! What's more this is nationwide! Everyone across the country can enjoy the Happy Hour and no one will be left out. Isn't that great?

A couple of days back, I've seen blogs from US and Malaysia announcing their Starbucks' Happy Hour treat. Finally, it has arrived in the Philippines and the fun begins tomorrow!

Good thing I took a half-day leave tomorrow, I'll ask my sister to treat me a Caramel Frappuccino. Yum!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surgery Homework

It makes me wonder how one individual prepares himself/herself before going under the knife. With the latest technologies in health and cosmetic/plastic arena, one can think that it's possible to achieve the enhancements you've ever dreamed anytime so as long as you are capable to spend. So before jumping into a surgeon office one must do a research on a specific procedure they are interested in. Not everyone is a qualified candidate and one must anticipate rejections especially if there's a serious health condition that can trigger another condition.

Take for example the restylane for wrinkles. I didn't know such procedure existed. All I know is that when it comes to hiding your true age, Botox is the way to get it. Interesting fact that I read is that Restylane can add skin moisture thus the youthful glow. I wonder if I'm a qualified candidate for this procedure. For obvious reasons, pregnant and breastfeeding individuals are marked off the list. General qualification is an adult with good health so I assume that a person's vital health information and medical history is needed before getting a go signal. As far as I know I'm healthy and the only serious medical condition that I had is when I was in grade school. What's more Restylane has less risk of allergic reactions since it contains components that are found in our body. Cool!

Now that I mentioned Botox, it surprises me that some celebrities who undergo this procedure will immediately come out of the television or had media exposure creating a stir and letting the world know that they had facial enhancements. I'm curious than ever to find out how long is the botox healing time. I'm surprised that after the injection, you can return back to your normal activities. Wow! So that's why they come out just like that even if their face is slightly puffed. Interesting fact is that a patient needs to refrain from lying down or rubbing the face to avoid the spreading of Botox to other parts of the body. Makes sense to me. The sacrifices you need to make to be beautiful.

Another find in looking young is the Juvederm injections which is another new term for me. What caught my attention was that ages 30-65 can undergo the juvederm under eyes. My initial reaction was this procedure is mainly for treating dark under eyes but upon researching it on My Surgery MD, I was wrong with my assumption. See? I have a lot to learn in all these cosmetic surgical terms. Juvederm is a popular treatment to smoothened facial wrinkles and fine lines. I think I would need this kind of treatment in the next 5 years. I've been noticing since my late twenties that there are some lines visible under my eyes and for the time being, my remedy to prevent it for being too visible is to moisture my face. I'm starting to like this procedure especially that it's non-invasive treatment and the side effects are minor versus Botox. I think Juvederm and Restylane are on the same level of cosmetic procedure that is a low risk but of course one person's medical background if you're a perfect candidate.

After all being said on this entry, the bottom line is to know your surgery well and do your homework. No need to rush and jump the bandwagon of people who undergo enhancements. Listen to your body and asked yourself if you're ready.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

NESCAFÉ DECAF Summer Picks Promo

I initially joined Nestle Club to learn new recipes. Hubby and I were enjoying our time alone in our humble apartment that we are renting in Makati back then. Every weekend, I always make it a point to cook. But now since we are living with my family, my mom and dad are the official cooks of the house. Hehehehe.

Anyways, being a member in Nestle Club means getting the latest news and promos and for this summer they are giving away a trip for four to Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia! Cool! I so wanted to travel to other countries. I'll probably choose HK or SG since I'll be visiting my sister soon in KL this August.

Promo runs from March 1 to May 31, 2012 only, so start sending in as many entries as you can. 
Visit us at Enjoy your summer!

There is one thing that is keeping me from joining this contest though and that is I don't drink coffee =P

Either I bought the Nescafe Decafe promo packs for my father and brother or I will ask my sister to buy one for herself...hehehe. I'll probably choose the first option. Let's see if I will be lucky in this raffle....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Know your Rights for Graveyard/ Night Shift Workers

I was surprised to see that these rights (rules) exist. Back then when I was a call center agent for almost three years (2003-2006) all I know is that when you are working at night it's mandatory to have a night differential. In fairness to the company, they provided us sleeping quarters while I heard some companies don't have any (most of the time these are IT consulting/ staffing/ augmentation companies that needs to have employees working at night to support other countries).

(This picture was shared by National Youth Commission for everybody's awareness)

Having said that these are laws created by the government, I wonder how well the companies here in the Philippines (especially BPO and RPO companies) are aware about this. Let's face it, not all of them have sleeping quarters. Not all of them have a clinic or "first-aid" facility (yeah, experienced working in one company who doesn't have these). So the question will be, how well is these laws implemented here? How strict our government can do for these rules to be followed by the outsource companies?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Relic of St. Clare of Assisi in PH

In celebration of Holy Week, I would like to share this info especially to those who are making rounds around the metro or provinces to visit churches. It was shared by  a member in a N@W yahoogroup.

Like the other members in the group, I'm interested to visit the relic in Poor Clare Monastery (Quezon City) but I'm not sure if there will be buses or jeepneys available today or tomorrow. Most likely me and my husband will take a chance on Sunday. Hopefully there will be no traffic and there are PUV (Public Utility Vehicles) available on that day.


February 27 (PIA) -- The relic of St. Clare of Assisi is now in the Philippines to visit different churches and monasteries in the country. 

According to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), the visit is part of the propagation of the devotion to the patron saint of navigators, those who want to have children, of life and of families.

The CBCP added that Philippine Ambassador to the Holy See, Mercedes A. Tuason was able to secure permission from the Federation of Poor Clares based in Foligno in Italy that owns the relic, as well as from ecclesiastical authorities of the city of Foligno and the Vatican, through the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints to let the relic of St. Clare visit the Philippines.

For the first time in 800 years, the relic of St. Clare will be on a pilgrimage outside Italy.

Father Jess Dajac, a Filipino priest based in Rome, has been appointed as official guardian of the relic while in the Philippines.

The itinerary of the venerated saint's relic is as follows:
Feb 21- Arrival in Manila - to Monasterio Order of St. Clare (OSC), Quezon City (mass then vigil)
Feb 22- Fly to Cebu in the afternoon- Metropolitan Cathedral, Mass then Vigil Overnight
Feb 23- 9:00 am Mass at Cathedral then Monastery of Consolacion (Tayud)
Feb 24- Monastery of Consolacion (Tayud)
Feb 25 to 28- Fly to Davao/ Tagum / Kidapawan, North Cotobato
Feb 28- Fly to Manila - at Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City (in the evening)
Feb 29- Manila Parish, Evening at Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City
Mar 1- Lipa - San Sebastian Cathedral
Mar 2- Lipa, Poor Clare Capuchin
Mar 3- Fly to Iloilo, Mass at Cathedral upon arrival, vigil and mass before departure by Archbishop Lagdameo
Mar 4- by Ferry to Bacolod, Fly to Manila, to Franciscans, Quezon City
Mar 5 - QC Green Meadows/ Franciscans Alabang
Mar 6- to Legazpi Cathedral (by air) ­ then to the Monastery of Daraga (Diocese of Legazpi)
Mar 7- Legazpi to Sorsogon (by van) ­ then to Monastery of Sorsogon City (Diocese of Sorsogon)
Mar 8- Sorsogon / then to Franciscans in Naga
Mar 9- Naga Cathedral/ Penafrancia
Mar 10- Fly back to Manila, Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, Quezon City
Mar 11 to 15- Metro Manila / Mass Media. In the evenings at Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City
Mar 16- Cathedral of St. Michael, Cabuyao / OSC Monastery
Mar 17- San Pablo Cathedral (Laguna)/Lumban - Missionaries of Faith
Mar 18- Lucena Cathedral /OSC Sariaya (overnight)
Mar 19- Ferry from Lucena Port (4am) to OSC Boac (overnight)
Mar 20- Ferry from Boac to Lucena to Gumaca Cathedral - (8am Ferry) PM - OSC Monastery, Lopez, Quezon (overnight)
Mar 21- back to Manila, Sanctuario San Antonio
Mar 22- Pampanga Cathedral / Betis Monastery
Mar 23- Bataan Cathedral / Bataan Monastery
Mar 24- Dagupan Cathedral / OSC Monastery Malasique, Pangasinan
Mar 25- Alaminos Cathedral / Bolinao Monastery
Mar 26- Back to Manila, passing Bulacan/ Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City
Mar 27- San Pedro Bautista Parish (Frisco)/ Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City
Mar 28- Metro Manila/Muntinlupa Parishes - Bilibid Prison / Alabang/ Franciscans Alabang
Mar 29- Metro Manila/QC Parishes - Franciscans of the Immaculate, Quezon City
Mar 30- Metro Manila/QC Parishes - Franciscans, Quezon City
Mar 31- April 8 Easter Sunday - Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City
Apr 9- Nueva Viscaya Cathedral / OSC Monastery at Aritao
Apr 10- Isabela Cathedral / OSC Monastery At Guibang
Apr 11- Tuguegarao Cathedral / OSC Monastery At Iguig
Apr 12- Fly to Poor Clare Monastery Laoag
Apr 13- Fly to Manila / Poor Clare Monastery Quezon City
Apr 14- Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City
Apr 15- Fly to Leyte Cathedral /Poor Clare Capuchin, Ormoc City. The Poor Clares Monastery Naval can go to Leyte Cathedral or Capuchins in Ormoc
Apr 16- Catarman Cathedral / OSC Monastery Catarman
Apr 17- Calbayog Cathedral / OSC Calbayog Monastery
Apr 18- Antique Cathedral/ OSC Monastery San Jose de Buenavista
Apr 19- Dumaguete Cathedral/ OSC Monastery
Apr 20- Fly to Manila / OSC Monastery Quezon City
Apr 21 to 23- Fly to Puerto Princesa Cathedral/OSC Monastery
Apr 23 to 30- Fly to Manila / Stay at OSC Monastery, Quezon City until departure

St. Clare was born from a wealthy family in Assisi, Italy on July 16, 1194. She entered the convent on March 20, 1212, leaving all the worldly inheritance that she could have received from her parents. 

St. Clare lived a pious and poor life, following the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, and died peacefully, before dawn of August 11, 1253. (CBCP/RJB/JEG-PIA-NCR)

Update: As of yesterday (April 5) the relic of St. Clare was transferred to another church/monastery/convent. It will be back in Poor Monastery of St.Clare in Quezon City from April 24-30. On that case, me and hubby will visit the relic on the 29th instead.