Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year of the Water Dragon

2012 is here!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating this occasion with your friends and loved ones. As for me, I always spend the new year with my family with occasional visits to hubby's relatives.
2011 has been a roller coaster ride and there are some unfortunate circumstances that tested my patience and how to handle them. It was a tough year that I almost gave up but with the help of my reliable friends and family I was able to get through so I'm hoping that this year will be a good start for me or should I say for all of us.

It doesn't hurt to know what the chinese horoscope say about my fate for this year so pardon me if i'm going to post this:

For Monkey, the year 2012 will be very productive, he will gladly flow into the high pace of work, and will feel at ease in the most intense affairs of 2012. Monkey skillfully using problems as a chance to show all his talents, will show himself in a team. He is optimistic, never discouraged, and even after defeat when other zodiac signs may retreat before difficulties, the Monkey will feel fine, and break forward, despite defeat. 

The year 2012 of the Black Water Dragon will be good for learning, Monkey can take a specialization, or start learning a new profession. A representative of this zodiac sign should always learn something new. An interest in something unknown and unusual will lead him the way even more than ambitious intentions or ambitions. Impulsiveness, a desire to jump through many things at once can hinder Monkey in business because under such activities, he may not see a lot of problems and his own mistakes. The Monkey will not do anything if he doesn't see personal benefits in it, but in 2012 he should also think about those people who work with him. Charity, feasible assistance to the needy will not only melt his proud heart but also help him to communicate with others. Having received good social connections and authority, Monkey may achieve much more in life, and even enter into a better, new orbit of his life, much more successful and faster than the rest of the zodiac signs. Due to the fact that with all impulsiveness, Monkey is still quite cautious, and would not let go of one branch until he grabs another more solid one. His status and financial well-being will not be exposed to all-out risk, his wisdom and foresight will not allow him stake and lose everything. In early 2012, Monkey will work to lifting his strength, he would have to correct all past mistakes and problems. In the first months of 2012, Monkey should demand for a new, well-deserved position and salary increase, and if he wants - even change his job. In the spring of 2012, a representative of this zodiac sign should be more attentive to their surroundings, not provoke conflict and tension in the team. Now, there is no need to force things, he needs to be patient and perform even the most boring and routine work. This is an instructive time, which would give much for Monkey's future, and most importantly - not lose interest to work. In summer, Monkey will establish new partnerships, conclude contracts and conduct negotiations. This is quite an intense period of time, and a representative of this zodiac sign will be able to show his best side at work. In autumn 2012, Monkey can begin serious work on launching new projects, this is no time for rest and relaxation - great affairs lie ahead, and so, he should concentrate on the main things, be focused at work and become more serious. 


I still believe that our fate lies in our hands so I made a vow this year that I will make myself better and take action to secure myself and my family a better future.

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