Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I've Been Charmed!

I forgot to share this since holidays can be so hectic especially if you have a lot of things to accomplished like the shopping list, the parties, the reunions, the gimmicks, etc.

I'm just so proud to share that my Christmas wishlist in our exchange gift in the office was given to me. I'm lucky that my "Santa" has been a friend of mine in the short span of knowing her (a  month to be specific).

thanks girl! you have no idea how happy I am that you've granted my wish

So what's inside that small paper it is:

Charm Pocket Brush Set

I saw this lovely set in Flair Candy's blog and I told myself that I need to have one! I'm a late bloomer when it comes to make-up so only in my late twenties that I appreciate cosmetics and vanity...hehehehe.

Initially I thought of buying it once I got my first salary but good thing we have an exchange gift in the office and you can write down your wishlist. Problem solved. 

To purchase it, you need to visit this online shop -> Beauty and Minerals. The set costs Php 500 and it's free shipping anywhere in the Philippines.

(picture borrowed from Beauty and Minerals website)

Featuring five basic brushes that has dual functions :

(1) Powder Brush - can be used as powder brush, and blush brush
(2) Big Eyeshadow Brush - can be used as eyeshadow applicator or concealer brush for undereyes
(3) Angled Eyeliner Brush - can be used to shade and shape the eyebrows and apply eyeliner
(4) Lip Brush - can be used to apply lipstick or be used to spot conceal blemishes
(5) Brow Comb - allows you to sweep your brows in one, uniform direction as you need to have neat brows all of the time! It also lets you blend your eyebrow color.

~brushes description from Beauty and Minerals ~

My take:
So far I've only used the Powder Brush and the Big Eyeshadow Brush but I loved how the brushes glide in my skin. It's soft and non-irritating. And the best part, it does the work like other make-up brushes. Mineral powder looks good on my face and so does the blush powder (I'm using the big eyeshadow brush for my blush...hehehehe.) It's amazing and unbelievable. Other reviews about this pocket brush set are right, it is small (compact) but terrible in a good way.

I've tried a brush that comes with a mineral powder from a known brand and it's scratchy against my face. After I've used the brush I can feel my skin getting tingly that I'm fighting the urge to scratch it to avoid redness in my face.

I'm so going to treasure this set. For make-up lovers out there, you won't regret getting this as part of your vanity/ girly (kikay) stash.


DeBi said...

yey! for the harm brushes!!1

i've been dying to get my own set of charm brushes...a few more reviews, and i will surely buy one.LOL

Unknown said...

It's worth it :) you won't regret owning one ;)