Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coming Soon....

During the first week of January while I was busy blog hopping, I saw a blog entry announcing then Yellow Sale of Bath and Body Works. Of course, the shopper in me can't resist to take a peek on their website.

Up to 75% off! Ohhhh! So I browse through the items that are on sale and found a Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set that has a perfume, a body gel (if I'm not mistaken) and a lotion. Costs is $18.25. Then there's a threesome lotion (or is it perfume?) known as Tropical Carnival  which is only $3 for the 3 lotions (59 ml each). And lastly they have the Anti-bacterial Pocket Bac which is 5 for $5!

I checked Johnny Air and asked a few friends on how does it work if you're ordering from the US and shipping it to Manila. Some says that the shipping is expensive while others says it's cheap. Cheap like Php 1k+ per shipping. Uh-oh! A thousand or more for a single shipping? Technically it's cheap since it's international shipping but my thriftiness kicks in so I sum all my courage and forget the word "shyness" and asked my friend whose in Dallas if she could purchase these items for me. She will be visiting Manila on April so it's a perfect timing though I have to wait 3 more months  but that's okay since I'm not in a rush.

Last January 9, she sent me a twit pic of this:
(L-R: Tropical Carnival Lotion Trio, Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set, Anti-bacterial Pocket bac)

Yes! She finally got the items that I specifically asked! I thought that she will never get the Cherry Blossom gift set since she told me that in BBW store (the one in Dallas) they are sold out. She's refraining from purchasing online due to the delivery charges and tax but I guess situation like this can't be helped. After all it's a big sale!

I can't wait for April to arrive. Aside from a Holy week which means no work for me, I will finally get my hands on these items. If only I have a relative in the States I can make a business out of these store sales in the US.

Before I forgot, some items are still on sale in Bath and Body Works so do check their website.

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