Monday, November 14, 2011

Solenad Nuvali

It was my first time to visit this place last October 16 and I thank my good and dear friend Macon for touring us. We arrived at around 7:30pm and surprisingly even if it's Sunday, there's a lot of people roaming around and just plain relaxing with family and friends.

Accoding to Solenad Nuvali FB page, "Solenad blends essential shopping with leisure and dining in a relaxing, al fresco, lakeside environment. The area is connected to the now operational Lakesize Evozone commercial area by dedicated pedestrian and bike lanes. The Lakeside Evozone is the refreshing campus-like commercial area of NUVALI. It creates a new space for offices and businesses to thrive in an environment of productivity and connectivity. Solenad sits at the entrance of the Lakeside Evozone area coming from the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, and is nestled next to a 4-hectare lake. Its accessible and picturesque location invites people to sit, sip and dine with family and friends. Solenad has also become a destination for the surrounding communities of Sta. Rosa, Calamba, Tagaytay and Manila." 

Solenad is developed by Ayala Land and it will be the Boni Hight Street counterpart of the South or even better because of it's nature setting. There's a lake where Koi fishes swim freely. Families can go on picnic, friends can go biking or they can rent a boat to enjoy the lake and the fishes. Truly it's a welcoming and refreshing breather from the congested and polluted city life.

Unfortunately when we went there the lake is under renovation so no Koi fishes greeted us. Bummer!

Solenad is along the Sta. Rosa exit going to Tagaytay

different shops and establishments lined up

i love the atmosphere! very relaxing

Yup! Convergys has an office here and they are the first call center in the area

I'm definitely going back here to check out the lake and the Koi fishies. 
I wish I have my own bike so I can bring it along and explore the whole place. 

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