Monday, October 24, 2011

Etude House

I stumbled on this blog entry way way back (far too long that I forgot the exact month where I saved it on My Favorites). It presents the 4 Beauty Favorites of all time and their affordable counterparts. I got interested in Urban Decay Primer Potions's counterpart which is  Proof 10 Eye Primer from the Korean cosmetic company Etude House.

Of course I've been hearing this brand name for quite sometime since during my unemployed months, I was keeping myslef busy watching various Korean TV series in YouTube and DVDs. At that time, Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk where the endorsers of Etude House (2009). Today their endorser is none other than Sandara Park which I read on the internet is considered as one of those Korean stars that has a beautiful face. They have a term in Korean in which that particular stars rose to fame because of their pretty faces. I just forgot what the term was.

Anyways, going back to this cosmetic I decided to check out the nearest branch which is in Festival Mall. Apart from purchasing the eye primer, I'm interested to buy their Silk Scarf (a hair treatment) which I also read on a blog that is effective and making the hair silky smooth and smelss good. After trying the hair treatment myself, the feedbacks are all accurate :)

pretty in pink
My Etude House Haul

Etude House Cosmetics and their prices

My total purchase reached Php 1,1010! Thus they gave me a free item - Lip & Eye Remover. Apart from that I get to join or should I say a free Pink Membership Card since I made a purchase of more than Php 500 in a single receipt. I haven't made any purchases after this since I still have a stock. I'll probably drop by their store again when it's December so I can buy some stuff to be given as Christmas gifts.

I'll make another post about the Pink Membership Club of Etude House. It has the same concept as SM Advantage card so for girly teens and adults that are young at heart you might want to try Etude House.

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