Monday, October 3, 2011

Belated HBD

It was my sister's birthday last Saturday. She's in KL Malaysia for work thus at around 3-4am of October 1st, I immediately made something (I was planning to digiscrap but scrape that idea since I don't have the Adobe PS installed on the laptop) simple but thoughtful (it's the thought that counts and I fervently believed that).

I posted this photo in her FB wall with a message, Sisters for Life! :

I think she appreciated this gesture and even made a comment that she loves this pic (it's probably the quote on the photo that bowled her...teehee). I suddenly miss her just by looking at this...I'll see her again in March for her vacation. Good thing that KL is near PH and I won't need a visa if I want to visit her next year. Yey!

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