Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reminiscing After 4 years

I haven't started my work yet as I was busy checking updates on FB and my personal emails as well. Then I glanced on the calendar and it hit me. We've been married for 4 years! Kudos to us for getting here and let me tell you, it was never an easy ride especially for me. Things didn't turned out the way I want them to be. You know the feeling of having dreams that you want to achieve on your own and with your better half in life but somehow you're having difficulty reaching it. It's like you're in a slowmo to get to those dreams.

Sometimes it makes me sad or frustrated that I'm thinking ugly thoughts (just like earlier). How many times you should give second chances? To what extent you need to prolong your patience?

I didn't mean to be so negative especially on this day where it's supposed to be a "happy" occasion but just like before when we were planning our wedding, I have many "what ifs" and up to now I sometimes ask myself the same question. Actually I'm having mixed emotions at the moment.

Life indeed is a journey. I remembered the quote on Boys over Flowers where the hunky potter explained how a pot, cups or vases that he created never breaks easily. They have to go through a series of process - they all started as a clay being step, then he will mold them into something useful and exposing it to a hot temperature is the key in making it tough.

Same thing goes for me...or should I say for us. We are given trials, sometimes we feel that we are being stepped at or looked down by others but those experiences will mold us and shaped us into something we can be proud of and just when everything is falling into pieces, a huge obstacle or trial awaits us leaving us all burned out. After going through all of this we may not noticed it but we became stronger and tougher.

So let this scene in Boys over Flowers remind me of how tougher I become in this marriage from the lady who started planning her wedding. I think my husband started to be stonger too, I just need to give him a little push and encouraging words.

So to my husband of 4 years let's brave the storm together. I'm praying for guidance and strength for both of us. Life is good and I still want to enjoy them with you.

Happy Anniversary :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Etude House's Pink Membership

I'm not a big fan of the color pink. I find it way too girly for my taste but that doesn't stop me from trying out some of Etude House's products.

My first and last purchase (for the time being) was last August and my total bill reached Php 1,010.00. Of course I didn't tell this piece of information to my husband as he wouldn't understand on what it's like to be a woman (he doesn't like the idea of me putting makeup on my face so I'm sure he will never get it at all).

After paying, the cashier handed me an application form and told me that I am eligible to get a free Pink Membership Card. Automatically you will get this card once you had a single receipt worth Php 500.00.

As a Pink Membership Card Holder, here are the things you need to know:

membership form and card

memebership card of etude house

Terms and Conditions
* Open to all (no age limit)
* Fill out the application form at any of the Etude House outlet.
* Get a FREE Pink Membership Card with a single receipt worth Php 500.
* Customers shall claim the Pink Membership Card where they applied (you can get the card immediately after submitting the filled out form).
* Pink Membership Card shall NOT be replaced when lost. All rebates earned in the lost card shall be considered forfeited. The member shall re-apply for a new card and begin anew.
* The company will not be held responsible for the lost cards and fraudulent use of the card.

Rebate System
* Present your Pink Membership Card to the cashier upon payment. No card, no rebate.
* To earn any rebate points, a customer must make a purchase of at least Php 100 in a single receipt.
* Purchase values will be rounded off to the nearest peso amount.
* No earning of rebate if Membership/ Rebate System is unavailable (this sucks!).

Rebate Conversion
* Cardholders get 2% rebate for a minimum purchase of Php100.
For example: for every Php 1,000 purchased, you get Php 20 rebate which you can use on your next purchase.

* Pink Membership Card is valid for 3 years (thank goodness!).
* Rebates earned by a cardholder who do not renew will be forfeited.
* Cardholders that have no purchase for 1 year period will be cancelled and earned rebates will be forfeited (I still have 10 months to make a purchase again...hehehe).

For some, Etude House seems like a cosmetic shop for teenagers or young adults due to the color and the princess-like feel but their products can be used by all. Sandara Park is on her mid-twenties but she was made the endorser of this brand (is it obvious that I'm justifying my purchases?). If you love cosmetics, it doesn't hurt to try them :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Etude House

I stumbled on this blog entry way way back (far too long that I forgot the exact month where I saved it on My Favorites). It presents the 4 Beauty Favorites of all time and their affordable counterparts. I got interested in Urban Decay Primer Potions's counterpart which is  Proof 10 Eye Primer from the Korean cosmetic company Etude House.

Of course I've been hearing this brand name for quite sometime since during my unemployed months, I was keeping myslef busy watching various Korean TV series in YouTube and DVDs. At that time, Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk where the endorsers of Etude House (2009). Today their endorser is none other than Sandara Park which I read on the internet is considered as one of those Korean stars that has a beautiful face. They have a term in Korean in which that particular stars rose to fame because of their pretty faces. I just forgot what the term was.

Anyways, going back to this cosmetic I decided to check out the nearest branch which is in Festival Mall. Apart from purchasing the eye primer, I'm interested to buy their Silk Scarf (a hair treatment) which I also read on a blog that is effective and making the hair silky smooth and smelss good. After trying the hair treatment myself, the feedbacks are all accurate :)

pretty in pink
My Etude House Haul

Etude House Cosmetics and their prices

My total purchase reached Php 1,1010! Thus they gave me a free item - Lip & Eye Remover. Apart from that I get to join or should I say a free Pink Membership Card since I made a purchase of more than Php 500 in a single receipt. I haven't made any purchases after this since I still have a stock. I'll probably drop by their store again when it's December so I can buy some stuff to be given as Christmas gifts.

I'll make another post about the Pink Membership Club of Etude House. It has the same concept as SM Advantage card so for girly teens and adults that are young at heart you might want to try Etude House.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lemon Kiss Promo

I was reading through Daphne's blog and that's when I saw the brand Lemon Kiss. It's her new blog sponsor and I was in awe to see how pretty the dresses they have. What's more shocking is the price, it's really affordable and perfect for the holiday season as a gift or as a new getup for your little girls.

Lemon Kiss has an ongoing promo in their Facebook Page. Simply like their page and post "I want a Lemonkiss dress!" on this link.

Hurry! They are giving away 9 dresses for the lucky fans of their FB page :) I myself joined this contest. If ever that I'll be one of the lucky winners, I'm planning to give it to my niece or to one of my god daughters as a Christmas gift.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Project

I was busy and lazy at the same time so it's obvious that I don't have much updates. Honestly I have a lot of things that I want to post in this blog but I always end up putting it aside. Hopefully that changes in the coming days since I notice that my internet connection has improved. I wish that it stays the same until our lock-in period ends.

On a different note, we received a letter from the HOA of our village and just like last year they are organizing a Trick or Treat event for the kids. I need to prepare some goodies for the children and this time I was thinking of decorating our house so the kids will feel the Halloween spirit, not literally because that will scare the hell out of me first before them.

I found some easy DIY Halloween decors online so I just need to prepare and execute them one at a time before October 29 which is the date for Trick or Treat. Hopefully when I start setting things up outside our home, Poochie (our pet dog) will not mess with the decors. She'd better not.

That's it for now. I'll let you know the progress of my Halloween projects as soon as I start doing it and that means this weekend. Let's see if I can still be creative and artistic just like when I was a student.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Filipina's Before Ever After

I've read a lot about the Filipina author Samantha Sotto who wrote this book. It was inspiring to hear her story on how she wrote a book which happens to be one of the best seller in NY by just passing the time while waiting for his son from school. Cool huh? I wish I can do the same but you know my writing is not that "deep" or can be taken as a serious literature so I'm just happy that I can blog whatever I want in this space which I owned.

Samantha Sotto
A Full-time Mom turned Internationally Published Writer

I'm not done reading the novel yet as I was busy doing my extra income work and household chores at the same time but as soon as I'm done creating this post, I will dig back and make a progress. By the way I bought it at Fully Booked for Php 499 and it's a hard bound. A sweet deal indeed! Originally, it was priced at Php 800+ but I think they lowered down the price as a treat for all of us Filipinos since our very own wrote the book. When I made a phone call in Fully Booked to check the availability they told me that they run out of stock so I have to make a reservation and wait for 2-3 weeks but it's worth the wait.

Before Ever After
This book will go side by side with Paolo Coelho and Sophie Kinsella in my shelf.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Belated HBD

It was my sister's birthday last Saturday. She's in KL Malaysia for work thus at around 3-4am of October 1st, I immediately made something (I was planning to digiscrap but scrape that idea since I don't have the Adobe PS installed on the laptop) simple but thoughtful (it's the thought that counts and I fervently believed that).

I posted this photo in her FB wall with a message, Sisters for Life! :

I think she appreciated this gesture and even made a comment that she loves this pic (it's probably the quote on the photo that bowled her...teehee). I suddenly miss her just by looking at this...I'll see her again in March for her vacation. Good thing that KL is near PH and I won't need a visa if I want to visit her next year. Yey!