Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monterey Value Cuts 2

I almost forgot about the deals from Monterey. I saw it in their FB page and I kept forgetting to post it here to share.

Well for those Monterey lovers like me grabe these coupons and save money. Promo ends on September 30 which means we only have 6 days left including today. Yikes!

Monterey Deals

Value Cuts Coupons for us to enjoy! Download the coupons here. If you can't access the page, be sure to LIKE first Monterey Meatshop.

Monterey Coupons

I super love their meats! This is one of the reason why it's hard for me to be a vegetarian. They are of good quality that makes my cooked dishes more delicious! I'll post  soon the first time I cooked beef steak (Bistek Tagalog) using Monterey meat. My siblings loved it and I'm proud of my dish.

Hurry and go to your nearest Monterey shop. To check the list of their branches, you can view it here.

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