Monday, September 19, 2011

The Kennedys

As I was watching cable earlier, the Nat Geo channel keeps advertising the new mini series entitled The Kennedys in History channel that starts to be shown today at 9pm. I wanted to watch this unfortunately we don't have the History channel. It dampened my spirit.

In between the shows in Nat Geo, they are showring the production of this series. Ugh! What a way to torture me. They did well with the costumes. Just by looking at them it transported me back in time and I like Katie Holmes portraying Jackie's character. Indeed they have resemblance or it must be the clothes she's wearing for the series.

I know it's kinda late for me to post this but don't fret. It's a four-part series so you can still catch the remaining three parts. I on the other hand will have to settle to watch this on DVD instead. My patience will be put to test to wait for its DVD to be on sale (that means I have to wait till next year or more for that to happen).


ladyviral said...

i was never a fan of katie holmes :3

but i wanted to watch this show, but fear i might be fall asleep.

but i am definitely wanting to watch twilight :D.

Unknown said...

@Ladyviral: Oh, we're on the same boat when it comes to Twilight films :)

ladyviral said...

haha! definitely! <3 especially since in this latest series, there should be a little bit more action :p.