Thursday, September 22, 2011

Acquiring a NBI Clearance (Robinson Otis)

After posting the different location  for the NBI Clearance Centers, I decided to do a research on where to get a NBI clearance "conveniently". Most of you will probably rolled their eyes but guess what, I did get my NBI clearance within the day and it took me 2 hours (it's still a breeze compared to the other NBI locations and the horror stories I've been hearing).

I decided to apply in Robinson Otis. The mall is new and not all people knows the location of this mall. I think that's the reason why they are a few people going here.

I left our home (Bacoor Cavite) at 5:45am and arrived in Robinson Otis at 7am. To go there, take a LRT train going to Monumento and alight in UN Avenue station. For others, take a shuttle going to Lawton and alight in Kalaw then walk to UN Avenue. Those people coming from North, take a LRT going to Baclaran and alight in UN Avenue. Same thing if you're riding a jeepney, just asked the driver that your destination is UN Avenue. Look for a tricycle that is colored red or yellow and just tell them that you're going to Robinson Otis. You will also see some pedicabs near EAC but I have no idea if they can take you to Rob Otis. By the way, the fare for the tricycle is Php 10.

When I arrived in Rob Otis, there are people waiting outside. Obviously there purpose is to apply for a NBI clearance. I was 74 in the line and since NBI center inside the mall opens at 8am (weekdays), I have to wait for an hour which is okay with me despite the fact that I'm so hungry for skipping breakfast.

NBI clearance applicants waiting

By 8 am we are ushered to the 2nd level of the mall. There's a holding area where NBI provided 90 seats for the applicants. The rest have to wait standing at the back of the chairs so make sure to be in the first 90 if you want to have a seat. Every 10-15 mins, the line is progressing so you can still have a seat eventually.

@ the holding area

They will be distributing the application form while in the holding area and one staff will guide you on how to fill-up the forn so be attentive. You don't have to bring anything except for a pen, one valid ID and Php 115 for the payment. Old NBI clearance copies that you have is not needed since everybody is treated as first-time applicants.

NBI form

After waiting in the holding area, you will be ushered in the cashier to pay the NBI clearance application. Local Employment and Travel Abroad costs Php 115.00. After the payment, you will need to wait again for your turn for the manual encoding of the information in the system. No worries as there are seats provided. There are 2 staffs who does this and there's a monitor where you can see if the information encoded are accurate. After the encoding, next step is getting your fingerprints and photo. They are using biometrics system so goodbye to the old school blank ink for the fingerprints. After scanning your fingerprints, pose for a the ID photo and then submit your receipt to the Releasing section. There are a few seats provided in the Releasing area so I was standing while waiting for my name to be called. It took me around 10-15 minutes to wait and as the saying "Patience is a Virtue", I got my NBI clearance! :)

NBI Clearance Center in Rob Otis

Note: For NBI Clearance Center in Robinson's Malls, they are accepting 500 applicants per day so it will be best to be there early to secure a spot. In NBI Main Office (UN Ave. Taft), they are accepting 2,000 applicants but I'm not sure if there are seats provided like the one in Robinson Otis. I have no idea with regards to the number of applicants allowed per day for Ever Gotesco malls.
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