Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update on NBI Clearance Application

Since there are peeps who happens to be reading my blog entry about the new process/system of getting an NBI clearance renewal let me share the first hand experience of a friend of mine. He recently applied for one and just hearing his story, I have no idea on what am I supposed to do (tactics) to get a clearance for myself.

You see, my friend personally experienced the long waiting hours in line just to have an NBI clearance. If only this piece of paper is not essential for finding/ starting a job then I won't fret about this.

According to him, he went to Robinson Galleria as early as 3am only to find out that there's a waiting line already. It took him 7 hours (omg!) to finish the process. A visible proof is the status on his FB where he is ranting about the loooong wait. You really need to be patient and have a cool and clear head going to Robinson's malls. Hmmm...I was wondering where and when will I have my NBI clearance renewed.

To sum it all up, you need to alot the whole day since according to the NBI (or those people operating the kiosk in Robinson malls) that they are limiting the applicants to 500 each day (whether renewal or new). I'm not sure if this is applicable to all the NBI renewal centers that I posted on my previous blog entry (check it here). If that's the case then apart from patience, you will need a lot of effort to get through the new NBI system.

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Fritz Kareem said...

I did the e-clearance online registraion. Here's how I did it.


And here's how I completed my NBI clearance at the main office only in 29 minutes.