Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There was an email query in one of the yahoogroups where I belong that caught my attention. It has something to do with school tuition fees for private and exclusive schools. I was stunned to learn how pricey the schools are now compared before.

For exclusive girls school, the range is 75k to 95k (nursery, prep, kinder and elementary). I assumed that the figure applies for exclusive boys school as well. Gosh! What more if I have my own child and I'm going to send her/ him to school. Most likely the tuition fees by then would be in hundred thousands!

I guess I will settle for private schools. Currently my youngest sister is studying in a Catholic private school in Las Pinas and her tuition fee is Php 36k all-in. My brother on the other hand has a cheaper tuition fee since he studies in Dasmarinas, Cavite but I'm bracing myself for his college next year. This school year college tuition fees ranfes from 35k-200k depending on the school's name. I didn't include the state universities and colleges since they are relatively cheaper. I'm hoping that my brother will kept his promise of giving me good grades for his senior year. Yeah, I'm strict when it comes to grades. As much as possible I don't like seeing 80-84 in his report card.

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