Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Got Myself an Elf Bright Eye Palette

I was checking Kendz Beauty blog (she's a fellow W@Wie and N@Wie) specifically on her blog entry where she's giving away 4 ELF eye shadow palettes (2 natural Eye Edition and 2 Bright Eye Edition). It's her very first blog giveaway since her blog reached 5k hits. Congrats!

I can't contain my excitement when she posted the winners and guess what?!  I won !!!

I will be one of the proud owners (soon) of the Elf Bright Eye Edition Palette!

Yey! I am lucky or what? See? I love my birth month even it rains most of the time. Thank you Candy!  i am looking forward to your next blog giveaway!

Photo Credits: snagged from Kikay Kendz Blog

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