Monday, August 1, 2011


It's August! Next month is the start of BER months and that means a lot of malls will be putting up their Christmas decors real soon. Time flies indeed! I'd say we are libing in a fast-paced world but yesterday I felt that I'm in a slow-mo. I stayed all day at home since it's raining and I took  a lot of naps and sleep.

Moving back to the title of this blog entry, according to Chinese calendar August is considered the 7th month and based on tradition it is a "Ghost month". The exact day would falls on 14th day of the 7th month, which means it would be around mid of August 2011.

I'm not superstitious when it comes August being the auspicious month since we have 3 celebrations happening this month in our household. First, my brother's birthday; second, my birthday and lastly our pet dog's birthday though we are not sure when is the exact day.

Apart from that, it will be the start of Ramadan in Muslim countries for this month then there's this financial crisis/ issue in the US. The Treasury Department reiterated that Aug. 2 remains the projected day the nation's debt ceiling would be breached, attempting to set in stone a drop-dead deadline as the Obama administration and congressional Republicans continue to haggle over raising the limit. According to the stock seminar I attended, this will make or break the value of US dollar. Let's see what will happen this week and the coming weeks.

Local event for this month that I'm aware of is the UPCAT for senior high school students aspiring to take college degrees in University of the Philippines (top university in the country). I will accompany my brother to take his UPCAT in Imus Cavite.

So you see there's a lot of things going on for this month. Personally I like my birth month and I wouldn't change a thing regardless if it's said to be unlucky or not.

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