Thursday, August 11, 2011

At 31

Sorry if I don't have recent updates for the few past days. Apart from celebrating my birthday, I was busy with the interviews that were lined up from different companies that I applied to.

Anyways, let me share what happened on my birthday (August 5). I spent it outside our home with my friends.

I woke up early in the morning since I will be meeting my ex-colleagues and have breakfast with them. Apart from me, I also have a friend whom I shared the same birth date so it was a double celebration.

august 5 - I'm 31  :)
Sun is peeking marking the start of a new day

heavy breakfast to start my day!
heavy breakfast with my friends in Something Fishy (Libis)

cake from Dulcinea...thanks Aimee :)
cake for Rona and me from sweet! Thanks girl!

I don't have the other photos yet. One of my buddies brought her SLR camera to capture the "moments" on my birthday. But right after spending my time in Libis (it was actually past 12 or 1pm then), me and my friend Jazz went to Makati to meet 3 more friends. We just drop by their offices. 

There are a couple of more celebrations for me with my other group of friends. I still have the whole month of August to do it. And oh! I haven't got to celebrate my birthday with hubby alone. Well I already have something in mind. 

It was a good day indeed and the weather cooperated. It's exhausting but I'm happy. Apart from Christmas, my birthday is something that I'm looking forward to regardless that I'm getting older. 

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