Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekday Bonding

One of the downside of working at night is you can't enjoy to go out after office hours like majority of the people around you. That's one of the few things I missed when I was still working in a graveyard shift. It's been awhile that I've done a weekday night out so even my husband is against of the idea of me watching the last full show of Harry Potter 7 in Imax (10:30pm) without him I got my brain to work so I can go home late without him worrying (thanks to my brother!).

Anyways, two of my best gal pals are here on vacation. The very reason we decided to meet-up and watch a movie. After all I only got to see them once a year (I think that's a valid reason for me to stay late just to watch in Imax with them).

Since our Imax ticket is scheduled for 10:30pm, we've done some little shopping and a dinner. Thank you sis and besty for the treat! Mwah! Next time it will be my turn to treat you both.

@ Gerry's Grill in MOA for our dinner

@ Imax lobby

I am so ready to watch Harry Potter 7 (Part2)!

I wish we can do this again next year! I will surely miss these ladies. We've been through a lot and knows the ups and downs of each other lives. The good thing about them is that they never change and even though we haven't seen each other for a long time, there's no awkwardness (aloofness) when we see each other again. I'm so blessed to have a lot of good friends that I can trust and keep. One of the few miracles in life indeed.

Photo Credits: Joan VP using her BB

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