Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Got Myself a Kor Aura

I almost forgot about the online contest that I joined a couple of days back. It was from Ms. Daphne's blog and she is giving away the latest Kor Aura bottles.

KOR Aura

The new KOR Aura® Hydration Vessel is a simple and sleek reusable bottle that puts the spotlight on water. Aura features a tapered, obelisk profile and delivers incredible ergonomics with KOR’s patent-pending Perfect Spout™ and hallmark spoiler handle. Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™, the Aura marks the fourth salvo in KOR’s design-centric hydration line.
“We love a challenge,” says KOR Water CEO and Co-Founder, J. Eric Barnes. “While our KOR ONE and KOR Delta sought to deliver sophisticated features in a high-end vessel, we wanted to bring understated elegance to a mid-priced reusable bottle that didn’t look so utilitarian. The Aura has an illuminating personality with simple elegance.” — Source: Press Kit

I've been a diligent reader of her blog and same goes for joining her blog giveaways. I can't remember how many times I joined different raffle/ online contests but it really does pay to be patient and to follow instructions correctly :)

I can't wait to use my Kor Aura when I'm out and about (especially when I'm joining fun runs). Just like Ms. Daphne, I will do my share of protecting the environment and that is minimizing the use of bottled water or should I say I will do my best to avoid buying one. Thanks Ms. Daphne and Kor for this giveaway. I just need to wait for Ms. Daphne to email me the details...


ladyviral said...

The bottle looks good o.o

Is that cosmestic? >.<

Unknown said...

Hi there!

Nope it's a water bottle ;)

Tani said...

Hi, Sis. N@Wie here. Congratulations for winning a Kor Aura water bottle. I also joined. :) Maybe on Daphne's next blog giveaway... :)

Unknown said...

Hi Tani! Thank you! :) Finally I won something from Daphne's giveaways.

Nakuha din sa tyaga ;)