Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Easy Pha-max Anniversary Promo

I always make it a point to check my personal emails and the Groupon sites in which I am a member. I saw a healthy treat in Buyanihan and since it's for free I decided to get 2 which I can use for the month of July and August.

BUYanihan | 10 GCs, yours absolutely FREE! P50 off on Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass 10+1 Value Pack. It's our 4th anniversary treat to our customers.

It's a discount and a freebie when you use this deal to buy Wheatgrass Value Pack from Easy Phamax. I have not used the vouchers yet and I was planning to start this month. I'm dedicated in working ouy at least 4-5 times a week as I am preparing myself for our Coron Palawan trip in September.

Anyways I would really want to be serious in having a healthy lifestyle thus I'm starting to change my life little by little. First with exercise then second, being aware of what food I eat. I'm going to try the Wheatgrass with honey as I want some sweetness in my drink versus the classic flavor (which I don't like the taste).

Cheers to grass addiction! =P


roothy girl said...

I just started drinking Easy Pha-max wheatgrass too. The immediate effect is a more convenient and regular bowel movement, as in eveyday before kasi hindi regular yung bowel movement ko. I'm also hesistant to drink wheatgrass since its color kinda freaked me out but when I found out its benefits well (contains many antioxidants, help cleanse the body, etc), I changed my mind na :) I haven't tried the honey-flavored since I still have stocks. But I tried yung RTD can nila and it tastes better than the regular one maybe because of the honey too.

Unknown said...

Oh, thanks for the input. Maybe I should try the RTD with honey first before redeeming the coupon for this deal.

Does it help in getting your body fit?

roothy girl said...

According to their website, it can. But since I just started taking wheatgrass just last week,I can't tell for sure. But with the way things are going (regular bowel movement), I think it can help make your body fit. Let's try this one if it'll work ;p

Yes, try the RTD din. Pero once I consumed my stocks, I'll switch to the honey-flavored na.

Unknown said...

Thanks! For some reason di na everyday ang bowel ko...maybe because I don't eat fruits...hehehe.