Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toccare Spa Experience

I completely forgot in creating a post about our very first spa experience together (hubby and I). Toccar Spa is a newly opened spa located in Antel Suites in Makati Avenue, Makati City. Antel Suites is like a condo-hotel near A-Venue. Last March 6 (if my memory serves me right) we made a reservation to avail the Cash Cash Pinoy promo which is the Romantic Valentine's Day Couples Package.

Upon our arrival, the receptionist will checked the reservation made and then immediately she asked us for a payment of Php 500 for the couples room. Sad to say she didn't bother asking us if we want to avail the couple's room or not though some people who availed this promo was asked but not us. 
Waiting area
(waiting area)
Reception area

Anyways, she presented different aroma bottles in which you will choose the oils you want to be used for your body during the massage and the scent of the room. On our case, I chose lavender while the husband chose vanilla. For the air scent I think we choose lavender (this is the downside of having to wait for a long time to create an entry, I tend to forget things).

We were ushered to the male and female shower room where there the lockers and wet area are located. Wet area includes jacuzzi, steam room and shower room. There's also a toilet room in case "nature" calls unexpectedly. 

Steam Rooms
(steam rooms - left and right)

There's a female attendant waiting for me as soon as I entered the female room. She assisted me to the lockers and to the wet area. After putting my things in the locker she gave me a bathrobe and towel that I can use. I took a quick shower then head off to the steam room. I only stayed for 5 minutes because the attendant told me that my husband is waiting for me on the foot spa room. Geeze! There's no consideration on having the time extended considering its Sunday and there's only a few people who were there at the spa. Sad to say I didn't have the chance to try the Jacuzzi and I was looking forward to submerge myself on lukewarm swirling waters.

I hurriedly took a shower (shampooed my hair and soaped my body) so I can join my husband. I was ushered to the foot spa room and there is R waiting (he was watching TV). I was surprised to know that he didn't use the wet area on the male room. He told me that there was not enough time to do it which is true. Lesson learned, don't come at the exact time. Instead come 30 minutes early to maximize the usage of the facilities aka wet area.
Foot Spa and Massages Area
(foot spa room)

Moving forward on the foot spa room our feet were submerged to lukewarm water and spa salt (I think) was scrubbed to our feet. If you can see the photo above, there are small sinks with faucets and electrical outlet for each individual. After 20 minutes, we have our foot massages and oh we were given a cold iced tea.

Next we were ushered to the couple's room with a dim lightning. There are two beds on the center of the room. On the side of the room near to the door, there's a bathtub where you can rinse after the massage. The ambiance of the room is very tranquil and I can smell the scent we have chosen on the reception area. I enjoyed the massage that I almost fell asleep. Indeed it was very relaxing and rejuvenating. What makes it more special is the fact that R is with me sharing the experience (cheesy I know, but again this is the first time we had a spa together).

After the massage we are ushered to the Lounge Area where we can watch on LCD TV and sip another drink of iced tea.
Hubby looks like he just woke up =P

He is so intent watching this boxing match

After staying in the lounge area for 15 minutes we are back to our respective locker rooms as we will be accompanied by the spa attendants to the restaurant/ cafe where we will be having our "dinner". It will be an early dinner for us since it's only 3 or 4 in the afternoon. We are back to our casual clothes and off we go to the other building.
Counter Top inside the Female Locker Room
the counter top of the female locker room 
(there's a hair blower, toothpaste, cotton buds, soap, lotion, etc.)

Granvia Cafe is situated in A. Venue Hotel Suites so from Toccare Spa you will need to go down from Antel Suites and walked your way out and into the A. Venue Hotel Suites. This is the downside of the package in my opinion. Other couples I think managed to have their dinner in the Lounge Area of Toccare Spa but not us.

It's my turn...
looking young and refreshed!

I think it's a squash soup....
I think it's a squash soup

Squid in Coconut Milk with Pandan Rice
Squid in Coconut Milk with Pandan Rice for Hubby

Grilled Pork Belly with Java Rice
Grilled Pork Belly with Java Rice for me

It would have been perfect if we got to use the wet area longer. I can't help but think that the people in the spa are in a hurry for us to get to one place to another and finished the services that came with the deal we purchased. Tsk! Regardless of some flaws I would love to go back to this spa. Hopefully I will get another deal for couples so we can go back and have our revenge in using the wet area. Hahahaha!

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