Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random updates

Wow! Can't believe it's June and yes, I am way over backlogged with the photos for Project 365 (squirming). I'm not done with March and now I have April and May to catch up...and I have to do it asap! Yikes! Lazy blogger that I am,  tsk!

Updates on what's going on in my life. Last Monday and Tuesday we went to Tali Beach in Nasugbu Batangas for the summer outing of our company. I was pretty excited to see the beach since from what I know, beaches in Nasugbu are not that stunning compared to Boracay or Palawan. I will create a separate post on that once I have photos (I'm going to asked a friend to borrow her pictures since she's the one who totes her camera whenever there is a special event. I forgot to bring my point and shoot camera since I'm in a hurry to be in the meeting place on time).

Next update, I'm still waiting for the running kit from AKTV. Remember the fun run post that I made a few weeks back that will happen on June 5 in SM MOA grounds? My sister and I don't have yet the kits we needed! I already called the organizer and told them that we don't have the kits (we paid extra Php 60 for the delivery fee when we registered online). The guy told me to wait for today or tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers that they will arrive otherwise I will ask them to deliver it on Saturday!

School update, I'm still yet to finish the UPCAT online application of my brother. I didn't know that filling out the forms especially when it comes to grades (from 1st year to 3rd year) can be so tedious. I was thinking if it will be easier on my part if I will just ask the assistance of the registrar's office of his school to fill out the form. I'm going to give them a call later. Or I can request for a Form 138 though and hope that will be my guardian angel on filling out the form.

House update, our gate is still not 100% done! Blame it on the contractor who was assigned to finish it. According to the foreman, the contractor is absent for 2 weeks. If I'm going to count this week then it will be 3 weeks. Boohoo! I will never consider getting them again especially when it comes to finishing our home. I hope that my father will be able to request for another worker/contractor to finish what the other guy started.

Whew! Let's see if I can post one or two entries for Project 365 for the day....

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