Friday, June 10, 2011

Nars Blush

I've been hearing a lot of good feedback and recommendations about this particular brand for blushes. Out of the blue I have a sudden fascination with eyeshadows and blushes. My dilemma is which shade of blush will suit me?

So I hurriedly rely to Google and it gave me this link NARS Blush Guide for All Skin Tones

I browsed through the page looking at Hollywood celebrities representing different skin tones, I'm decided that I'm somewhat near or similar to the shade of Padma Lakshmi (it's been a joke and most of the people who first saw me thought that I have some Indian blood in me but I'm 100% pure Filipino). Padma represents Olive Skin and for this type of shade, recommended Nars blushes are:


I was thinking of purchasing two different shades of Nars blushes from the suggested shades above...hmmm...Now, I'm having a hard time to decide which two shades will I choose.
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